Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Track night

Last night at the track was probably the best workout I have had in a long time. I was very gruelling and it wiped me out but I felt great when I finished. When I got to the track Bill informed that I would be working out with George. At first I was a little nervous, but it turned out to be FF. I did a 1 mile warm up with George, Robin (special K) and Debbie Tripp. Our workout was 8 X 300 with a very slow 100 recovery. George of coarse kicked our butts, but we were not to far behind him. My Garmin was not charged and as soon as I got to the track and turned it on it turned back off, so I do not have actual numbers but from Robin's watch we did each 300 in 1:22-1:25. Not bad in my book. I have been a little torn on an issue, On February 7th there is another trail run in Huntsville State Park, it is a 50 miler- yes I said 50 miler. I want to run it, and I am trying to listen to my heart and my mind but they do not agree 100%. My mind says dark trails a week after my 1/2 marathon in Huntington which I am shooting for a 2:15 PR and 3 weeks before TIR which I really want to participate in (and be healthy) maybe not the best idea. My mind also along with my heart tells me I can do it. My heart says if I don't do it now, will there be another time. My heart tells me to run with my friends. My coach says yes/but no for alot of the same reasons I am torn. The crazy person in me says, "It's $50, I get 29 hours and I can take a power nap if need be, if my friends can do it I have to do it with them". I guess I will hold out on the entry for another week and see if I move closer to one or the other.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Sorry I have been MIA over the holidays. Let's see where to start. My holidays started on Dec. 19th, I went out and spent sometime with my bff and the kiddos, Caleb, Ciara and Catia. They moved to a new house so Caleb (2-1/2) gave me the grand tour and told me all about his new house and how they threw the old one away. I love how kids view things. Saturday morning was the WF/KF 12/21 miler in the Woodlands, I worked with Bill, Debbie, Robin and George at the aid station at mile 11 for the marathoners. Afterward we headed to Barryhill for yummy tacos. Saturday night out for dinner with the family, my brother and sister in law came in for the holidays. Sunday morning meet up at Starbucks for an 6-8 mile run with Robin, but Russell twisted out arms and we pounded out 12 instead. Somehow I am loosing what I did Monday, so I guess nothing important happened that day. Tuesday a bit of last minute Christmas shopping with my hubby- I had to show him what I wanted for Christmas. Tuesday night went up to the track for 30 min easy run, changed in the parking lot (yes I said that) and then cruised up to Goose's Acre with my runner brother's and sista's. Robin brought up her desire to do a 50 miler in Huntsville State Park in Feb. so I may have that on the calendar, we'll see after my coach tells me if I can do it or not!?! Wednesday more last minute Christmas shopping w/the hubby.. (uhg why do men wait until the last minute) Christmas Eve night went to mom's for dinner. Christmas morning breakfast and open presents with hubby. Score'd this year, but that's what happens when you pick out most of your gifts. Lunch with father in law in the evening & back to mom's to visit with my bro. Friday Dec.26th lunch at dad's and visit with my 93 yr old grandmother, cousin's and aunt and uncle. Saturday, mom got married, I got up early 8am and went to help with all the details and decorating ect. all day event got home at 1am. Sunday hubby's b-day, birthday breakfast, birthday shopping, football watching, beer drinking and b-day dinner with father in-law. Love the holidays but I am so glad they are over, now I can rest and get back to running. Sorry I have been MIA to all that were worried about me. See you on the roads soon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love that we are getting some cold weather in H-town but I can do without the rain. I hate damp cold. Yesterday the drive into worked sucked. Last night the weather sucked at the track and this morning again the drive into work was wet. Tomorrow we are supposed to get back into the low 70's and then I believe Sunday back into the 30's-40's. Hopefully that cold front will not include rain and clouds- yuck! Over the weekend I took it easy as far as running. Saturday I slept in and then ran errands before heading to the Marriott for my company Christmas party. Every year Smith puts on a really nice party for the employees, with scrumptious food, bad ass casino night and a fabulous band. This year we had The Mars Hill Band out of Dallas, are they were well worth the $$. Sunday it is needless to say after a party like that there was no running in the future. Sunday afternoon Logan's mom, sister, sis's man, dad and dad's better half came over for an early Christmas dinner. I was so excited Sunday when I got up and told my husband " I can not wait to have a fried bird". Then he informed me that the turkey I picked up was already cooked. OOOPPPPSSS! can we say dumb a**? This would be why I am not picked to buy the Thanksgiving or Christmas turkeys. So we smoked it on the pit for a while. Food was good and visiting with in-laws good. Monday was yuck outside and I was still lazy from Saturday night festivities still no running. Last night I did manage to make it to track all though I was almost tempted to go eat at Zio's but I was strong and made Chicken and vegetable soup instead and went to track. I did take it easy, 1 mile warm up and then 4 X 400 with 100 recovery at 11:00 min avg pace. Tonight I think I will go to Zio's. Happy Holiday's everyone and Happy Running.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jingle Bell Run

Last night was the Jingle Bell Run along the waterway. The run started at Luke's Locker with a loop in Market Street and then down the decorated waterway and back to Luke's for 3.5 miles. There was a great turn out of about 100 people. There were many WF'ers, a group from Seven Hill Running Club, TNT and from TWRC. It was a perfect night for a run, and I felt great. Great night for a recovery run.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

No running since Saturday!

Coach Bill has recommended some rest and recovery time coming off of Sunmart 50k (Saturday) and San Antonio RnR Marathon last month (both being a first). Tuesday after work I went for a massage at Massage Envy, my favorite Meg was booked so I saw Julie for a Swedish, felt great afterward, legs not so sore anymore. Tuesday night I went up to the track in the freezing cold/rain, looking forward to a couple miles, but when I got there Coach Kim said "You are not running tonight." and Coach Bill says "You are here to visit right?" No! & No! But I was a good girl and listened to Coach B & K. As it turns out Robin, myself, Coach Kim and Coach Bill all visited. So no running. I love my coaches, they look out for me. Wednesday it was even colder it actually snowed for about 5 hours in parts of the Houston area. I think the last time it snowed in area was about 3 years ago. Took it easy again, went to dinner with my hubby, sister-in-law and her man. Tonight there is a Jingle Bell Run along the waterway that I plan to run easy. My blisters are still healing, they are looking less gross everyday! As for racing nothing planned at the moment until February 1st, Surf City half marathon with my surf sista Viv. And in March TIR!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Last night

Last night I went to TWRC holiday party. It was a great time, great food and they held a drawing for the TIR to get a free entry. A few weeks ago a few of us girls were trying to get a team together and mentioned to Russell McCoy to see if he was interested. He said he was and so we have myself, Russell, Robin, Najat and Lauren on team so far and possibly Molly. We need at least 8 and hoping for a team of 12 so we can have less legs per person. Last night Russell bought a $10 raffle ticket for the free entry for our team and he won. Whew hoo!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Friday afternoon was the packet pick up for Sunmart. When I first got there I ran into Jon Walk and he pointed me where to go. So I go through the line and first I get the coolest biggest duffel bag. Sumart does a fabulous job with giveaways, I received many great items such as a shoe bag, long sleeve tech shirt, a polo shirt, a hat, and several other small items. Also included in my entry fee was a pasta dinner which was fabulous for hotel food. It defiantly beat the other pasta party I have been to and paid for (I won't mention where). So I will say that with this race you get what you pay for in entry fees and much more. After the pasta dinner and visiting with Bill and Jon I went home to pack my race bag and to get to bed early. Saturday morning I got up at 4:30 am to get ready to meet Bill up at Luke's Locker (Market Street). Bill and I were on the road by 5:38ish.. When we got to Huntsville State park at about 6:15 it was freezing, in fact I think Jon told me it was 29 degrees. Soon after we got there Robin aka Special K found us and I warmed up in her car. Soon after that Debbie and Russell got there, and before we knew it we were headed to the start line. Debbie did the first 6.7 mile loop with us which was mighty nice of her. Our second loop was 12.something. Last loop we repeated the second loop according to the map, but who knows cause the trails all looked the same- they were beautiful. We kept a slow easy pace, walked the up hills and kept a strong eye on the ground to try and avoid falling. we all had just one fall and nobody got hurt. I will say this is much easier than running a full marathon, this is such an easy slow paced run, the aid stations were fabulous fully stocked with Pepsi, mt. dew, water, Heed, all sorts of chips, bananas, peanut butter, candy and Vaseline. Robin said and I quote "Well this is the only place you will see Vaseline on the appetizer table." I hope so! Anyway we all finished strong and I know personally I felt better in this race than any other I have done thus far. I have some big ol nasty blisters.. but I am great. Last night my husband and I came home and rented (thanks to Russell and Robin's suggestion) Run Fat Boy. Hilarious movie, if you have seen it my blisters look like his only mine are on the side of my foot. But hey if that's all the pain after 31.5 miles I will take it any day!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Easy Track Workout

Coach Bill gave us an easy track work out last night, I guess since we ran a marathon 3-1/2 weeks ago and are running Sunmart 50k on Saturday he wanted to take it easy on us. 2 miles easy pace. He said run easy on Wednesday and then nothing until Saturday. Love it. So yesterday was my anniversary and Logan had to go to school so I got roses and star gazzer lillies at work and roses at home. 2 sets of flowers... that has never happened. Tonight we will go to Perry's. Yum Yum.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving holiday started on Tuesday night for me. After work I headed up to the track, Bill will have to correct me if I am wrong but I believe we did 6-8 x 200 w/100 recovery.. forgive me it has been several days ago and I do not keep a running log so I forget these things. Wednesday I was off from work so I cleaned house and started baking for Thanksgiving. I made pecan bars and cake balls from 8am until 1pm. I am not a baker and now I know why. I think I will still to the casseroles next year. Thursday morning I ran Run thru The Woods. It is always a well put together 5 mile race along with a 1 mile kids run and a 3 mile family walk/run. I had a PR Whoo Hoo.. 52:13:9 last year I ran it slow 1:00:55 and in 2002 (when I was 26) I ran it in 53:46 so I beat my best time by 1:30. Thursday afternoon we went to mom's for Thanksgiving and ate and ate and ate. On Friday I relaxed. Saturday cleaned and shopped a bit. Sunday 7.25 miles at 11:15 pace.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Taking it easy

I have been taking it easy since my marathon a week and half ago, no running at all from Sunday until Saturday. Saturday we ran a little over 5 miles, very slow and even walked quiet a bit. On Sunday lots of walking and shopping. Tonight I will hit the track. So far on schedule is Run thru the Woods 5 mile on Thursday, Conroy Turkey Trot 5k on Friday and then 9-10 miles over the weekend. Sunmart on December 6th. Thursday after Run thru the Woods my husband and I will head to mom's for way to much food. Hope everybody has a great Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tuesday night went up to the track to meet up with Bill and the girls and then headed to the Goose's Acre. We had a couple of pitchers and some good laughs.
Wednesday night I was back at Message Envy for a massage with Meg! She hooked me up again, fixing my post marathon aches and pains.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1st Marathon out of the way

My first marathon is over and done with. What an experience. We arrived in San Antonio Friday night about 9:30 headed to the hotel bar Mclods and had a few beers to take the traffic/drive edge off and then to bed we went. Saturday morning I meet up with Althea and Judi to take the trolley ride from hell to the expo. Without getting all bent out of shape I will just mention what should have been 15-20 mins at the very most took 1-1/2 hours to get to the Alamodome. Once we arrived we meet up with Najat and Special K, Robin was on her way out so we chit chatted with her for a bit and then got our packets and went shopping. Unfortunately the race committee or whomever was responsible for ordering merchandise did not plan for 30,000 people wanting souvenirs from the Inaugural RnR San Antonio Marathon. I got a magnet from the expo and I have ordered on-line my finishers shirt- which I really hope I get since this was my first marathon.After the expo Donna got us a reservation at the Hard Rock Cafe on the riverwalk for dinner and to hang out the night before our run.

Dinner was fun and yummy of coarse. I am sure Bill talked to all and tried to calm some nerves. Mine were horrible I was worried about catching the bus, I was worried I would not wake up in time, I was worried I would not eat enough, I worried about not finishing, etc. I think it all finally came clear with what I was about to do is when Bill told me.. "You know tomorrow you are going to be a marathoner" Coach (you) made me realize it was going to be ok..

Sunday morning up at 4:30, got dressed, took my meds for my nasty cold, ate my breakfast. My mom went down to the lobby with me to meet up with Althea, Judi, Donna and Rick. We got in the shuttle line and waited for our bus. It was a cold wait temps were about 37 degrees, thank goodness we were between some tall buildings to block that blocked the wind. When we got off the bus we fought the crowds to get the ups bag drops and at this time I made the decision to remove all warm layers and just deal with the cold. Luckily my great runner girl Althea gave me an extra garbage bag to block some of the cold air. After we dropped our bags I went to find a RR, Bill and Special K (Robin).

Standing in line at corral 19 I found Robin and as we moved up we found Bill and Jon Walk at corral 15. We slowly moved forward and Bill wished us a good race. Finally at 8:13am we were going across the start line.

Without going mile by mile (I will try to make this quick). It was a crowded run for a while, but the corral system was nice, there were very few times we had to weave around other runner/walkers. I saw my family at mile 2.7, got to give my hubby a quick kiss. Stopped for a clean bathroom break at a park (San Juan Park) that Robin and I kind ran off coarse to get to, but hey they had toilet paper and running water. Added about .3 to the Garmin so yes a little to much time was wasted there. But they were clean. Saw some funny sites along the coarse. The bands, cheer squads, spectators and volunteers were all awesome and made my race a fun one. About mile 16 Robin and I decided that we had got each other that far and we separated. Mile 18ish I saw Robin's husband and son and I waved at them. Shortly after I ran to nothing-nobody, just a bunch of participants and grass. This was a very difficult time of the race until about mile 22. Yes there were water stops between these mile and a cold sponge stop but i hit my wall during this 3.5 miles and kept reminding myself that I trained for this and I could do this. Coming up on mile 22 there was a golf coarse and I see this guy coming toward the fence and I realize it is my husband- first response is "I can't believe that SOB is playing golf during my first marathon"- then I realize he paid for 9 holes of golf so he could get a cart and ride the fence with me from mile 22 to mile 23. Awh how sweet is he? he also had chap stick which was nice. 35K mark.. my husband took this from the golf coarse, I am waving good bye because the fence ends and I am on my own again until the finish. By this time my feet hurt and i am doing a walk run pattern. Just past the 24 mile marker I left out a gasp and start to cry and I just want to be done. Then I hear "Don't stop this close to the finish that would be dumb to stop running now". I look at this guy with tears in my eyes and start running side by side with him. We chit chat and are both in pain, but of us our first marathon. When we round the corner and I can see the finish line I take off in a sprint and yell back at him to follow me in, I see my family, runner girls and Coach to my left and they are all cheering for me. I throw my arms in the air and I am done. I cross the finish line and a tear rolls down my face. I did it.. 5:39:28. I am a marathoner- a slow one but I did it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

47 hrs 50 mins

So it is 47 hrs and 50 mins until the gun goes off in San Antonio. Am I nervous? yes in fact I am a little nauseous. But that's ok I guess it will go away eventually.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you Meg

All I can say is Thank you Meg. When you released my sciatic nerve last night during my massage I wanted to kill you. But yesterday when I came to see you I was in pain and could barely walk. My legs were tight, my hips, knees and ankles hurt. And today no pain. So my hat is off to you at Massage Envy in The Woodlands at Market Street for hiring Meg. Tonight an easy run at the waterway and finish packing for SA..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Easy Track Workout

Well it cleared up enough to get in a light workout at the track. 1 mile warm up.. 4 X400's average pace 10:15. Parts of the track were underwater, it was a little chilly and off and on sprinkles. The workout was nice, Coach Kim and Coach Bill gave us a pep talk and words of encouragement. Thanks to both Bill and Kim for all the encouragement and advise this season. I would not be doing my first marathon if it was not for you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Ok I know we need rain but come on already.. I feel the need for speed work out tonight. With 5 days until RNRSA I want to get out and run a bit. Last night it was pouring rain so I did not get out and run, the paths were slippery and very dark at 5:30 when I got home.

Monday, November 10, 2008

6 days and counting....

Sunday November 16th will be my first full marathon in San Antonio. A couple people have asked me if I am nervous yet and when I am awake I don't think I am nervous, but it is something about going to sleep and dreaming. I have dreamt that I got the stomach flu and could not race, I have dreamt that I had the regular flu and could not race. It seems since last Thursday when I ran the waterway with Fast Robin (aka Special K), Judi, Donna and Althea, I have been dreaming really strange dreams that in some way have prevented me from running in San Antonio. So I guess I will just go with yes I am starting to get nervous. I am starting to get the saliva thing in my mouth. I here of people getting sick after running long distances or after a triathlon, so I am think it could happen to me- possibly maybe before too. After the run around the waterway Thursday we cruised over to Luke's Locker for a 4 year anniversary party. Ate some snacks and drank a couple beers. Friday was my day off so I went out to help Pamela so she could get some much needed rest. Pamela had her first round of chemo last week and it does not agree with her body at all. Hopefully next week won't be as hard as this last one has been on her. Anyway I got to play all day with my favorite 5 month old twins.
I think we were watching Dr. Phil.. hum who knows.
Saturday morning got to sleep in a bit, we had a 6:30 start time it was our last long run before 26.2. I ran just short of 10 miles.
Saturday night we had our pre-marathon party at Judi's. Lots of fun and lots of laughs. Coach Bill packed a sample bag of what he takes to a race to share. One thing in the bag that I never thought of was Vaseline. I always have used body glide but I here Vaseline is much better. I guess I need to go to CVS this week. Coach gave us all a nice pep talk and told he knew we would all do fantastic. Sunday SHOPPING!!

Thursday 2.7.. Saturday 9.78..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mom's Getting Married

Last night my mom calls and announces she is getting married. Of coarse I am so excited for her, but I am in shock!! My parents separated in 1999, they were married for over 30 years (33 i think) when they did finally divorce. My mom always has said she was never getting married again- so maybe this will explain my shock, because what mom says usually goes. I absolutely love her boyfriend. He treats my mom very well and takes care of her. So it looks like in December when my brother and sister-in-law come home for Christmas there will be a wedding too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Track was awesome last night 6 x 400 at comfortably hard pace w/200 recovery. First a 1 mile warm up. 1st 400 1:57, 2nd 1:59, 3rd 2:00, 4th 2:01, 5th 2:03 6th 2:00. Fast Robin, Jimmy(winter group) and myself paced each other. Great pace felt great when we were done. I was so happy I was not having to do the Strive work out, it was 4 miles and LT. Yuck!! Kim's athletes amaze me, with how hard they work and how fast they are. They were lapping me in my 400's and they kept a very fast pace the whole work out. I like to call them "machines". Mosquito's were out again last night attacking all of our group. I brought my bug spray to share with all, but after you start to sweat it does not seem to work.

After track I raced home to see what was going on in the election. At first I had high hopes that John McCain could pull it off, but it quickly became a slaughter and before I went to bed it was clear that Obama would be our 44th President. A very historic moment.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lack of Running

It seems that I have had a major lack of running since hurricane Ike. Yes that was August and I have no excuse but I have been having a hard time getting out there and running. I have been making it to track on Tuesday's and my long runs in the weekend but that is it. So not a whole lot to blog in the running department. Wed, Thur, Fri and Saturday no running. Friday was Halloween, went to a get together at a friends house for a few hours. That's me in the red race girl costume with some crazy ass thing walking the neighborhood. The lady in this costume was my height- don't know how see walked around with this gigantic thing on. Saturday morning Logan and I went to the Texas A&M/Colorado game. Game was awesome, TAMU won of coarse. Sunday met up with TWRC at Starbucks for a long but tapered run. Fast Robin and I ran 11 miles. we took it slow and stopped to wait for a few other that we got separated from but could never find them. We went back to Starbucks had a coffee and waited there. Sunday afternoon I started my Christmas shopping. Monday a couch potato again. Tonight track. Plan's to run Thursday before the 4th anniversary party at Luke's in The Woodlands. 12 days until my first full marathon.. Whew Hoo!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Track Workout

Warm up with 4X400's and cool down..
I did 3X400's (stomach was acting up) and legs were alittle cramped.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Starting to taper

Thursday 23rd- Met up with Donna and Althea for a short run around the waterway 2.65 miles. Afterward I went up to Fudrucker's for a WF coaches meeting.

Friday- rested up for long run on Saturday.

Saturday- 20 miles, it was great. Fast Robin and I stayed together the whole time, both of us getting the other through the hard moments of the run. 3:47:xx approximately 11:30 pace which I was happy with and afterward I really did not feel like I ran 20 miles. I had scheduled a massage at noon so I went home and took a hot shower and then went to Massage Envy where I met Lori. I had a brief consult where Lori asked what I wanted worked on so I explained I had run 20 miles in the am to just work out my legs and hip flexers and anywhere else she found knots on my bod. One hour later I came back from heaven and back to the real world. Later in the day I went to see my best friend and the kiddo's. Asleep in the car at 7:30 in bed by 8:00 asleep in my comfy bed by 8:29.

Sunday- Up at 6:30 wide awake tossing and turning until 8:00. Breakfast at The Dosey Doe with my hubby and mom-in law. 2:00 Lunch with mom and cousin. 6:00pm at the waterway for "Light The Night" walk. I got to work along the coarse and cheer the different teams on. Myself, Debbie Tripp and Waverly Walk were on Bill Dwyer's volunteer team. We were scattered along the coarse with the Oakridge High School ROTC. From what I heard this charity raised over $100, 000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma before the walk started and all money had been collected. This like all charity events was a blessing to be a part of. I also used this is a recovery walk and walked the coarse myself to get in a 2 mile walk.



San Antonio Rock and Roll marathon is quickly approaching (3 weeks). I am starting to get some butterflies about my 1st marathon. Most of my runner girls have received their packets so I am hoping mine will be in the mail tonight when I get home. This week I start to taper in mileage. Whoo Hoo!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I pretty much was a couch potato last week and used the not recovered from the hills card until Saturday, when I realized I was correct. I had a bit of a difficult run on Saturday morning so I took it really slow. It was a tapered run of 10 miles. Afterwards we had our half way there party for WF (Houston marathon) with lots of great eats. At noon I left with mom and went to Edna for a cousins funeral. Spent time with family all weekend and came home on Sunday. Last night at the track was a nice workout we did a light warm up and the 8 x 200 fast and 200 easy, average pace 9:44. Tonight I think I will have a beer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Track Workout

A small group joined at the track last night including the mosquito's. On the agenda for our work out was a 1 mile warm up @ 10:45 pace. 1 mile at a comfortable pace which Robin and I ran with a little discomfort @ 10:03 pace. After that it was 4 x 400 with 200 recovery between. 1st @ 2:25 2nd @ 2:14 3rd @ 2:14 & 4th @ 2:04. Average pace for work out including recovery was 10:40. All in all it was a great work out and I am feeling pretty good after my half marathon on Saturday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Huntsville Hills

The Huntsville hills were a B for this girl from the flat city. I do not recall one piece of flat road on the coarse. I had high hopes to beat 2:30, a little high for the hills, I guess- because for my 3rd half marathon this year I bring home another 2:30, 2:30:23 to be exact. I do feel good about this time considering it is only 7 seconds slower than my half marathon in Little Rock (03/09)and is 9 seconds better than my half here in flat Houston (01/09). I won't make excuses (too many anyway), but I did agree to stay with a friend so I did, until about mile 11.5 which turned up to be a little to late, I should have started my own race at about mile 11. The Woodlands was supported very well with lots WRC members placing in their age groups, which I will never do unless I am 60ish and still running at the same pace I run now.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Huntsville here I come

Tomorrow I will run the Huntsville half, I am a little nervous about the hills but I am looking forward to this race. I have not run a race other than a couple 5 K's since March when I ran Little Rock half marathon. I do not have any great expectations on this race since I decided to do it the day (last Thursday) I found out that 10 for Texas had been postponed due to debris still in the road- compliments of IKE!! (Speaking of more disappointment.. this race was re-scheduled for November 15th when at least 200+ WF's and WRC members will all be in San Antonio for the 1st Inaugural Rock-n-Roll Marathon and Half marathon). I would like to finish Huntsville half in under 2:30 but if I don't there will be no harm no foul. I will have a race report Monday.
Tuesday at track was an easy work out since I decided to race on Saturday.. 4 x 60 x 60's. All that were not racing had to do 8 of them . Thank god for my upcoming race because although I went to track I just was not feeling it.
Last night I ran with the "runner girls" we did an easy 3.5. Mosquito's are still a B*tch.. I am all ate up, WTF I though when the weather cooled and the humidity went away so did the mosquito's.
See you on the roads!

Monday, October 6, 2008

More Updates...

Thursday I got more not good news, my best friend Pamela's prognosis is not what we hoped for. She has stage 3 colon cancer and it has gotten into her lymph nodes. What does this mean, I have no freaking clue. Treatment of coarse, how much and how long is still to be determined by her doctors. I HATE CANCER!! I am trying super hard not to get emotional about this around her but it is so hard- it is a total heartbreak. I slept (actually I did not get any sleep) Thursday night because all I can think about is her babies, and yes I am selfish I think what I would do if she were not in my life.
Friday when I got out of bed I tried to have a good attitude because I was headed to Corpus Christi for a wedding and I was also picking up my brother and sister-in-law from the airport. I decided to start my morning with a long run so I put in a 10 miler before we got on the road. We had a great time in Corpus we hung out at the beach and by the pool at Port Royal. The wedding and the reception were both beautiful and fun. Plus I got to see people I had not seen in many years. I was super exhausted when we got home last night. Great weekend with family and friends!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tuesday at the Track

Last we were at the Oakridge 9th grade track. Coach Bill had an short but hard work out. 1 mile warm up, 2 x 1 mile @ 10K pace w/ straight aways recovery. 1st mile 9:44, 2nd mile 9:48, Average pace including warm up and cool down 10:35. I still sometimes find it hard to know all of my race paces, because depending on weather and other factors I am pretty much between 10:00 and 12:00. I am just not a fast runner. It was a tiring workout but great to be on the track. The weather seems to be cooling off making my runs easier and more comfortable. See you on the roads.

Monday, September 29, 2008


In my last blog I told you about my best friend with colon cancer. She had surgery on Thursday to remove the cancer, and they were able to get the tumor out and only remove 1/3 of her colon. The doctor's said that the tumor was the size of a large grapefruit. She will be in the hospital until probably Thursday but is feeling much better. They will not know until test results are in- if she will have to have additional treatment. Thank you to all my friends for your thoughts and prayers.

I have not been doing very good with my training, basically I have made it to track and to a long run on the weekends over the last couple of weeks. I need to get back to my Monday's and Thursday's quick. So my plan is to get in 3-5 miles tonight.

Saturday was a 16 miler, I thought I was running 18 but when i got to Luke's the route card was for 16 miles with add on option when we got back. I had plans to babysit the twins at noon so I decided to take my 16 and then go home to prepare for my day with Catia and Ciarra (my bf twins). Babysitting the girls was a blast they are 2 of the happiest babies. My best friend is blessed with beautiful happy babies. Too cute!
Although at this age they pretty much eat and sleep, we had lots of fun watching lifetime too. All of you that know me, know I do not have children of my own (yet), so I live vicariously through my friends that do.

Sunday morning I got up and went for a much needed massage at Massage Envy, one hour with Cruz and I felt like a new woman. There were a few times I thought I would have to B-slap her for hurting me, but I had lots of knots in my neck and shoulders that needed to be worked out. Later in the day my husband and I went to see Pam in the hospital.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mesquito's at the Track

Last night at track was good other than the attack of the mosquito's. Thank god for coach Bill and his OFF or we would have been picked up and carried away by the bird sized mosquito's. It was a lite work out out a 1/2 mile warm up and 5 x 400's for me. 1. app 2:15 (slow) 2. 1:45 (too Fast) 3. 2:07 4. 2:02 and 5. 2:00. All with 200 recoveries. By the time we were finished the I had sweat the off the OFF and ran to my car before I got ate for dinner.

Monday, September 22, 2008

It has been almost a week since we got our power back and yet I still have friends that do not. I do not understand how one neighborhood has power and the next does not. I chose not to run on Saturday and planned a long run for Sunday. Friday night my husband and I went to dinner and a few drinks, which I really needed. Sometimes I feel like I can not stay at the house a have a drink, sometimes I need to pay $3 or $4 for one beer than to buy a whole six pack and drink at home. I really needed a Saturday to sleep in, so I did but I went up to Luke's about 8:00 and after all of my running friends finished their run we got together at Berryhill for taco's. It was great to see my friends and to hear their hurricane stories. Everyone survived some with no damage some with quiet a bit.

On Sunday I got up and went to Starbucks to meet up with some WRC members for a long run. Debbie Tripp and I decided we wanted to run 12 so we met at 6:30 and ran out one mile and ran back. We meet up with Judi, Susan, Najat & fast Robin. It was a nice run a little humid at first but it was not scorching hot.

About 1:00 in the afternoon my husband and I went to visit one of my very dear friends and her family. We spent the day by the BBQ pit and chit chatting about old times and new. You see my friend was just diagnosed with colon cancer on Wednesday and we should know today when she will be scheduled for surgery. They will not know how extensive the cancer is until they get in there see what they have to work with. Please say a prayer for her and her family, as she has 3 small children a little boy 2-1/2 and twin girls that are 4 months today. It makes me so mad every time I hear the word cancer. I have had many family members that battled cancer (all have perished) and it is such a horrible disease. I am so angry that such a young (37 yrs old) vibrant women is about to go through surgery this week and then possibly months of agonising treatments.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally some normalcy

Last I finally got a touch of normalcy. There was no generator to gas up(when there was no gas), nothing on the pit, the yards on my street are starting to look manicured, the trees are coming off/out of my neighbors homes and slowly but surely power is coming back up in the streets around me. OH and WE HAVE GAS AGAIN!!!

I finally got to get out for a run last night. I never thought that Ike would cause so much BLAH for me, my family and my friends especially since I live about 40 miles north or downtown Houston and even further from the coast. I went to Debbie's house and we ran our Millbend Loop it is a 3.7 miles loop with a .4 mile walk to the loop for a warm up and a .4 mile walk back to her house for our cool down. This does not seem like a far run and it wasn't but we were out there on the path again, only to jump over a few small branches. It was peaceful and the breeze was cool.

This weekend I am going for a 10 miler.. We'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Post Ike

By Thursday morning it was pretty certain that Ike was headed very close in our direction. Though there is always that cone of uncertainty, I myself was almost certain. My company let us leave at noon on Thursday to go home and prepare. This is the first hurricane I can remember going through as I was not here in 1983 during Alicia (I dodged that one because my family lived in Corpus Christi). It was pretty scary, I tried to wait up Friday night- Saturday morning for when it hit but I was to exhausted and went to bed. I did wake up as it came through and slept very little from about 2:30 am until 6:30 am. We lost power about 4:00 am on Saturday and after the rain calmed down we went to my father in laws and picked up a generator. It has been kind of fun hanging out with the neighbors, cooking on the BBQ pit, drinking beer, listening to the sound of the generators through out the day and night. We were very fortunate to have no damage to our home, but alot of people on my street were not so fortunate. Luckily we never lost water so I was able to shower each night- that was a blessing. I did get power late last night so we are truly blessed. My heart goes out to the families who have lost their homes and loved ones. I am truly blessed that everyone in my family was unharmed. God Bless all of you in the Texas Gulf Coast area. You are all in my prayers.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday Track

Track workout last night was hard, thank god for my running friends that get me through the hard workouts. I kind of laughed when Bill said you need to be easy tonight I want you to run 1 miles easy then run 2 harder and then 1 more easy. "WHAT"? So I ran the first easy about 12 min pace, 2nd was 10:27, 3rd was 9:52 and I walked the last 1/2 mile and then I was DUN! I chit chatted with Bill and the girls and then headed home for shower, crab cakes and bed.

We are still watching hurricane Ike that is threatening the Texas Coast, where will it hit? Mexico? Corpus Christi? Galveston? Lou/Texas boarder? Hopefully we will know soon, but it is kind of looking like it could interfere with my training this weekend no matter where it hits.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still Recovering

On Sunday I half hobbled to Tektonic for our Woodlands Fit seminar on Running economy. Yes I said half hobbled, my quads were so fatigued from my long run on Saturday. Mentally I was fine but to get out of the car or walk up and down the stairs or shit just to get out of my recliner was a bit of a challenge. The seminar was really informative and Dr. Sutton shed some light on running economy and biomechanics. I signed up for the biomechanics test (for Monday night) so I could see where I needed work and where I was weak.

Monday morning my soreness and muscle fatigue had gone away until Monday night when I went on my training run. I had planned a 40 min. loop around my neighborhood but about .15 into the run I decided my quads were still very much fatigued. I cut the run short to 2.1 approximately 27mins. and took it very slow. We had a few days of great weather with temps about 67 degrees and no humidity. But Monday the heat was back and the humidity was about 90% :(! After my run I went home and took a shower to get ready for my biomechanics testing. Yes a shower just so I could go run on a treadmill and sweat some more. Did I mention that in the short 2 miles I ran that the humidity sucked and I was dripping wet.

I arrived at Tektonic around 7:45 and "fast Robin" or "special K" was finishing her testing as well. She told me to have fun and then I was scared! This testing was really cool, first of all I HATE yes HATE running on a treadmill, but this one was not so bad it did not have a convaer belt, this was made with wood. Very cool and easy to run on. Dr. Sutton videoed my walking at 3.8 miles per hour, then running at 5.5 and then at 6.5. The whole test was about 3-1/2 mins long. Afterward we looked at my video and evaluated my running economy. OK so what I learned from this is on the left side I am just pretty much gluts are weak, my quads are weak and my calf's are ok but still need work. The right side.. my gluts are weak, my quads are pretty good but work needed and my calf's are ok but need work. All of this causes my hips to drop, over pronation, and my left strike is horrifying. My upper body I need to show more movement in my arms- they need to come back more. The best thing about my running economy is my heal to toe strike is pretty good, but not great on the right side. In a few days I will get my video and a report on how to correct and strengthen these running economy throw ups I have.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long Run

Saturday morning long run from Luke's was fabulous. I woke up at 4:45 and had lots of time to get everything ready, when I walked outside I knew it was going to be a great morning for a run. It was 67 degrees and very crisp. I was a little nervous because I had 16 miles on the schedule and I had never run more that 14.2. We ran wit the half marathoners for 10.5 miles and I guess we missed our first water stop because we did not see water until right at 6 miles. Thank goodness for the cool weather because we would have been dying. We went back to Luke's and picked our new route cards for the final 6 miles. There were options from 13-18 with different turn around points. I was feeling so good that I added and extra 1.5 miles. So yesterday was the first time I knew I can finish my first marathon in November. I am so excited. 17.5, 3 hr 18 mins. 11:22 avg pace Whoo Hoo! Here is my photo after the run..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

5 x 800's

All I can say is ouch. Last night at track was probably the roughest since last year. Started out with 1.3 warm up at a 10:32 pace. Then Bill broke the bad news that it was time for a real workout and let us know that we were running 5 x 800's with 200 recovery's.

1. 4:29, 2. 4:37, 3. 4:42, 4. 4:36, 5. 4:32

Then cool down.. Home by 8:00 and in the shower alseep by 9:30.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not a whole lot of anything

Very little training since last week. But I did go to the lake for the holiday weekend and relaxed with friends. We pretty much stayed in the water/boat and drank lots of beer. I also introduced body glide to everybody because by Monday morning we were all walking goofy from being in the water for 15 hours a day and the chub rub. When we weren't in the water we were watching Gustav to make sure we would be safe while enjoying the weekend. Thank god this one stayed away and did not do to much damage to LA and Mississippi.

I am quite sore and very bruised from climping in and out of the boat. Track will have to be some what easy tonight.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sending Susan to Virgina Beach

Last night at track we had a little surprise for Susan. Susan has been as inspiration to me and to all of the lives and hearts she has touched. Susan is running Virgina Beach this coming weekend and overcoming many obstacles. She gave us the honor of dedicating each of her 13 miles to her very close friends. Bill Dwyer had shirts made for each of us sharing a mile with her, we gave her flowers and all signed a poster boards with words of wisdom, love and encouragement. Go Susan Rock Virgina Beach!!

Our workout was good, warm up mile, and 5 x 400's. Lots of laughs and great times with great friends.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday Heat

Last night run's was HOT!!! I should have waited until later to start my run, but I took off for a 4 miler. Ran from my house did the Millbend loop 10.40 average pace. Not to bad for as hot as I was. Today I sogned up for Surf City half marathon in Huntington Beach, I have been wanting to do this race for several months and just happened to be reading Viv's blog and found out that she was planning a trip with a few of her friends to do this race. So now it is on.. I can not wait for this race.

Tonight is track and I am looking forward to a hard workout and a fun suprise for a great friend..

Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday morning run

Saturday morning run up at 4:45am to get a quick bit to eat and get ready for WF long run. I tried to take the advice from last weekends seminar and get up earlier to fuel my body. I did manage to get up earlier but not as early as recommended. I ate part of a granola bar and drank about 12 oz of Gatorade. It was on schedule for 11.5 which was a nice taper from the week before. We started out and one of my runner girls was having a little bit of a bad run so we opted to run 8 instead. It was a nice easy run and I really enjoyed knocking out some of the miles. I felt really strong after the run. Sunday I went over to a friends house for some girly time and a Southern Living party. Great weekend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The rain went away yesterday evening and the sun came out a bit so I headed to the track. We had a small group last night and our work out was a warm up for 10 mins and 10-12 30x30's. Ouch.. It was a great work out but very tuff. Thank god for our breeze. After track I went home and had dinner and started watching the Olympics. Nice too see the women's gymnastics Shaun Johnson pick up her gold medal on the balance beam. GO USA!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Slacked last week a bit

Tuesday at track was easy. 1 mile warm up and 5 x 400 w/200 recovery. Then nothing until Saturday.

Saturday up at 5:00am for WF. On the schedule was 14 miles (furthest I have ever run). It was very humid but every now and then we had a bit of a breeze (which was nice). I ran with Kelly and Kathleen we had nice conversation and we kept each other going. We joked about ways to stash dry clothes along the way because our shorts were so nasty with sweat. I chaffed in a place where I never have before, so more body glide in more places next week. My knees really started to hurt around 11 miles as I realized it had been a few days since I took my glucosemen, shame on me. Kelly was also having some knee problem so we opted to walk to last 3/4 mile. I went home and took my first ice bath, it was not as bad as I thought and it really helped my knee and hips.

Sunday went a clinic on nutrition at Legends Sports Complex. It was a great clinic with great info. Now I just need to figure out how I am going to get up early enough to have a balanced breakfast before my runs on Saturday.

Tonight I am going for a much needed massage.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Weekend

Saturday morning up at 5am to get ready for WF long run. Arrived at the Y around 5:35 and visited and stretched for a while. Bill announced a tail gate party for Karen's birthday and we all sang to her. Then it was off on our 12.5 journey. It was hot and humid and with the thoughts of my horrible run last weekend still fresh in my mind I decided I was taking it very slow. I did in fact my average pace after the run was over 12 mins, but when I was done I was able to enjoy breakfast with Debbie, Bill, Susan, Julie, Jon and Waverly at Skeeters. I went home and showered and took a nap to get ready for Kid Rock. We met up with friends around 4 for a few drinks before we headed to the concert. Concert was a blast Lynard Skynard and Kid Rock you can not beat that.

Sunday slept in finally and the later in the after noon we fried some fish. The end to a great weekend.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quick Update

So I took a couple of days off from running after my run on Saturday. I had every intention of running on Monday in the am but a few of the girls bowed out in case of the rain so I slept in myself with the thought that I would meet them in pm, but about 4 o'clock my company announced that we would be closed because of the storm that had its eye on us. Well that was a complete kitchen pass to have dinner and margarita's with my husband instead. Tuesday the storm came in and I think we had about 1/2" of rain total at the house, but it was the perfect weather to get my house in order and take a well deserved nap. Wednesday evening I met Bill, George and Althea at the track and ran a little bit. 1 mile warm-up and 4 x 300's. This was more of a social event but at least I got out there and got in a little bit of speed work. Oh I need to mention that I was desperately trying to keep up with Althea and her 7:40 pace.. Thursday morning up at 5am to meet up with Robin, Najat, Julie, Kathleen and Lauren for the Panther Creek loop from Town Green Park with an added short stroll down the waterway for a total of 5.05 miles. It was really creepy running on the path with not much light- I kept thinking I or somebody else would fall. Luckily we made it through the dark with no injuries- no I waited until it was light outside and I after I put my light away to take my spill. Thank god for no twists or breaks only some skin that is no longer there. I think it was more entertaining than anything.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Not so good on Saturday

Saturday morning up at 5am to get ready for WF long run. The run was 9.5 miles and it was very hot. I had not felt very good on Friday and Saturday morning when I woke up but I thought it would pass as I hit the pavement. I was very wrong, my run was awful, I felt sick for most of the run and had to walk a couple miles of and on. I made several deals with myself that if I ran for 1/2 a mile I would reward myself with a one minute walk. Even this was a difficult task at times. When I got home I soaked in a cool bath and laid down for a hour before leaving to drive 2.5 hours to Logan's family reunion. It was great to see the family but I had to work at a half decent attitude. We got home around 10:30 and I went to bed. Normally I have to fight getting out of bed before 8am but I slept until after 10:00 on Sunday morning. I left the house about 10:30 to run errands and was back home and in my recliner by 1:00 and did not move much the rest of the day. I guess Saturday got me more than I thought.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday July 25- August 1

On Friday morning I got up and went for a run on the beach. The run was fabulous it was about 68 degrees with the sun on my face, the breeze on my back and the waves crashing on the shoreline. After the run my brother, Logan and I went on to Huntington Beach for the US Open Surf Contest. This not only included surfing but skate boarding and bmx on/in the deepest wooden pool I have ever seen, and freestyle motocross on quarter pipe ramps.
Saturday morning we got up and drove to San Juan to catch the ferry to Catalina Island. This ferry was 2 levels and held about 400 people. Also went about 60 miles an hour. The plan was for us all to scuba dive for a few hours, which I ended up not completing. I had equipment problems and was fed up and tired and decided to abort my dive. After Logan and my bro and sister-in-law finished their dive we went to the Catalina Cantina for dinner and margarita's.

Sunday we went to Laguna for brunch and beach day. I do not have pictures from this day because I forgot the camera. Laguna was very pretty and a very ritzy city. We found a nice cove to hang out at to soak up the rays. And I had my one and only star siting.. Diane Keaton. A very beautiful woman I must say.
Later that night we drove back to LA and went to the House of Blues on Sunset to see my sister-in-laws brother play. He is the basest in a Rolling Stones cover band that is fabulous.
Monday was finally our rest day. We stayed in San Clemente all day relaxing on the beach.
Tuesday morning got up headed to airport took off for Houston... Missed earthquake in LA by approximately 10 mins.

Wendseday stayed home from work got sh*t done. As you can see I did not do alot of running in Cali, but I walked alot of hills.. many miles of them.

Thursday morning met up with the girls at 6am for 40 mins run.. 3.5 miles.

Friday up at 6am for Pilate's.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back from Vacation

Vacation was awesome!! First of all the weather on the coast of So. California was/is fabulous. The warmest day was a high of 80. The week ranged from 73-80 degrees during the day and 60-65 degrees at night with a breeze that required a hoodie. Oh and did I mention no humidity.

Tuesday (July 22) we got on the plane and headed for Orange County, we arrived about 2 pm and picked up our rental car.I had reserved an economy car to save money but we got hooked up with the PT Cruiser. We dropped our bags at my brother's apt and headed to the Pier for a drink and to wait for my brother and sister-in-law to get home from work. And then dinner on the pier.

Wednesday we drove to San Diego and we stopped at Camp Pendelton, went to the zoo, the Air and Space Museum and to La Jolla to the beach. Lo Jolla was very plush.

Thursday we went to LA, Hollywood, Venice Beach, and to Long Beach to visit the Queen Mary. In Hollywood we stopped at the Chinese Theater and checked out the footprints in the cement. Venice beach was neat but trashy, we stopped at the basketball courts where "White Man Can't Jump" was filmed. And we stopped for a photo op at Muscle Beach. Then in Long Beach we took the haunted tour of the Queen Mary. The Queen Mary was plush ship in the 30's and 40's and during the war it was taken out of commission to transport soldiers to Germany and back. The Queen Mary was the most sought ship by Hitler.

Ok that is all for now I will post more about the trip later.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday morning up at 5:15 for WF Saturday morning long run. This week we shot up a few miles considering we ran 7.25 last Saturday. So we ran 10 miles, our route included about 3 miles of Flint Ridge the last 2 miles were the crazy hills. The run was nice, mainly in the shade. When we got back we had a clinic on stretching which felt fabulous. Bill, Debbie and I plus a few other WF'ers went to Skeeters for breakfast afterward. Then home to clean and start packing for my trip to Cali. I know I have mentioned this a few times before but it is finally here. Yes I leave tomorrow at noon. Sunday we rather boring I went for a much needed pedicure and ran a few errands, finished packing and then I did not get out of my recliner the rest of the day. This morning up at 5:30 for a run at Town Green Park- all I can say is IT SUCKED PP. Very humid, my legs never woke up it was the worst 3 miles ever. But I am over it and I know that we all have bad runs from time to time, I just forgot how bad they feel. OK more in a week or so.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Short run

Last night was a short run for me and Najat. We met at Town Green Park and decided to run along the waterway. It ended up being 2 miles from start to finish, so it was a nice break. Then when we decided to leave I figure out that I no longer have my keyless entry "clicker". Oh and the keys are in the car in the console. So Najat and I walked back down the water way to The Goose's Acre to try and find it. Of coarse I had no luck so my hubby came and picked me up.

And this morning I spent at the dealership getting a key cut. I can not wait until this day ends... But on the brightside I leave in 4 days to go to California.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Track night

Last night at track we warmed up for about 15 mins and then we did a few drills. Workout last night was 8 X 300 w/100 recovery. Easy average pace 12:12. After that Najat lead us through core routine. Sunday was coach Kim's birthday so her tri group gave her a poster that had made for her.

Now I am on count down.. 6 days until vacation.

Monday, July 14, 2008

One more week..

So a week from tomorrow I will be heading out to California for vacation. I am so stoked! My husband and I are going to visit my brother and sister-in-law that live in San Clemente CA. We are going to do a few tourist things like go to LA and San Diego. We will be taking a dive at Catalina Island as well. I will defiantly have a long post when we get back with some photos.

Saturday up at 5:15 for WF run. 7.25 miles great run avg pace 11:13. Meet a new W'fitter named Bonnie, she ran with me and come to find out before Saturday the furthest she had run was 4 miles. She will be a fast one. She is running the half in SA. There was a seminar after the run but I missed it cause beauty calls and I had to get my hair did before my trip.

Sunday rest day, Logan and I meet up with some family and took a 300 mile motorcycle ride.

Monday up at 5:30 met up with Donna, Susan, Najat and Julie for 3.5 miles.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Last night I met Najat and Judi at Starbucks at Woodlands Parkway for some hill training. We ran down Flintridge for 20 mins and then turned around and came back. It had been a long time since I ran hills in fact in March I ran the half marathon in Arkansas, and once since then. My legs were on fire in places I forgot I had. And it was brutally warm outside. Although it was painful I felt like a million bucks when we were done.

I did feel my legs this morning when I went to my Pilate's class. They were a little more week than normal.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Track Tuesday

Last night at track I was feeling whimpy.. 4-6 400's w/200 recovery. I got through the six but I tool a long break between 5 and 6. Thanks to Althea I made it through. I hate feeling whimpy when I run. Najat was in a great mood she was trying to pump us all up.. that girl is wild!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday after the 4th

This morning I met the girls for our Monday morning run at 6am. Susan, Donna, Lauren, Najat, Julie and I ran 3.3 from Town Green Park. This morning was very humid and my legs did not want to work at all. The first half of the run was very difficult but when we made the turn my legs finally woke up and started to move. My 4th of July weekend was fun but quiet for the most part. My holiday started Wednesday about 3:30, my boss let us leave early for the holiday since we had Thursday and Friday off. So after work I met a few girlfriends for a cocktail after work.
Thursday morning I wanted to sleep in for a change so a few of the girls that were also off decided to meet for our run at 9am instead of 6am. Me, Susan, Kim and Julie met at Town Green Park and decided to run the Panther Creek loop. It was about 4.5 miles. I had decided I wanted a little bit longer run so I ran from my house to meet them and then ran home. So I got in about 6.7 or so. Thursday night we meet some friends for dinner.
Friday 7:30am Pilate's.. My husband and I took a ride on the bike to go have lunch. We rented a movie and then walked down the golf coarse and sat on the hill on 14 and watched the fireworks.
Saturday WF started at 6am so I was up at 5 to do all the usual things I do in the morning before a run. I arrived about 5:45 and we got started about 6:05 we ran 6.9 miles. When we got back WF winter program was kicking their season off. I hung around for a while to watch their orientation and then went home.
Sunday went to moms for lunch and home to be lazy.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tuesday July 2

The weather cooled down a little yesterday when a cool front came from the Gulf and the humidity was down as well. Last night at track we had a nice group, Bill attended the WF coaches meeting at Fudrucker's so he stopped by for a work out and stayed until 7:00 before he headed out. I lead the group in 6-8 300's w/100 recovery. Everyone looked great and all pushed hard and completed 8. Najat lead the group in core exercises- she is a hard a** when it comes to core.

This morning up at 4:30am and went to bootcamp. Octavious killed my butt like always, in fact by the end of the day I am not sure if I will be able to lift my arms above my waist.

Happy 4th of July!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday.. Monday

Wednesday night we went to a farewell party for a friend of mine that I have worked with since I was nineteen. She is moving to her bay house near Corpus Christi so a bunch of us got together for some drinks and laughs. Thursday I passed on the morning run with the girls with all intentions of running in the pm but I worked late and was so tired so I skipped my run on Thursday.

Saturday morning we had the time trials at the Barbra Bush race to see determine which pace group everyone should be running with this fall. After that I went to my picnic at Splashtown. Yes my nightmare is over, it was fun but I am glad it is over. Sunday morning up at 6:00 to go meet up with some of TWRC members to run. Susan and I ran 7.25.

Monday morning ran 3.5 with Najat, Lauren, Donna and Susan.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Track Night

Last night at the track was great. I did a warm up mile 11:09 pace.. Then Bill had us do 4 -6 400's with a 200 recovery. Bill asked that I work at staying around 2:20-2:30 so I did! 1st 2:23 2nd 2:23 3rd 2:22 4th 2:23 5th 2:20 and 6th 2:20 after that a 1/2 mile cool down. So all in all I got 4 miles in at an 11:15 average pace. No core! I can not make myself do core- I do not know why cause lord knows I need it. But I hate core!

I really want to start upping my mileage cause I am only doing between 15-20 miles a week. I would like to at least be running 30 and I am wondering when is it going to be comfortable enough temp wise to do this. Last night I was talking to Bill and he said he thinks I need to be running like a hundred miles a week. Now I know he was stretching just a bit or allot but I though it was funny cause I was going to ask for his suggestion for how I should go about doing this.

Monday, June 23, 2008

June 19th-June 23rd

I should have mentioned the other day in my blog that my brother's birthday was last Tuesday June 17th. He is now in his last year of his 20's and I think to myself where have the years gone. He was a pain in my butt until he went off to collage and now that he lives so far away it is amazing how the years go by and how he has grown up to be such a wonderful man. He is out in California now so I do not get to see him as often as I like- other than a few visits he has made with his wife and then we went to visit him last September for his wedding. My husband and I are going to visit him in July for a week so I am looking forward to that. Here is a picture of my baby brother (Kris) and his wife Andrea..

OK so back to my training and other stuff that I will tell you.

On Thursday I meet up with some of the "runner girls" for an easy 40 minute run. I meet up with Judi, Robin and Robin's daughter at Town Green Park and we headed out our usual route down Lake Woodlands to E. Panther Creek and then came back about 3.2 miles. After a short visit with the girls we left and I headed home to rest.

Friday I decided to take the day off and met up with some of my girl friends from work for a day by the pool. We met up about 11'ish and ate a lite lunch a drank a Margarita and headed to the pool. Sometimes you just need these days of girl talk and nice weather. We headed home around 6ish because the rain was coming in. After a shower we headed to Market Street for dinner and drinks.

Saturday morning up at 6am to get ready for the 3rd week of WF. I ran the 6.4 option route. Very hot run and difficult leave was pretty high- but again my fault for the drinks I had with dinner the night before. After we were finished me, Bill Dwyer, Debbie Tripp, George Roth and William went to Berry Hill for breakfast. We stayed and chatted for a while about various things. Saturday I rent a movie and just chilled at the house.

Sunday morning my mom called and invited me over for lunch did I mention her boyfriend is a great cook. So after I watched my second movie (P.S. I love you) that I had rented the night before I headed over to her house. If you want to see a girly movie defiantly rent this.. But be prepared to cry the whole movie. Anyway at my moms we had grilled fish, red beans and rice & bread pudding.. Very yummy. My mom is such a sweetie. My husband was out of town on a fishing trip from Thursday until last night and everyday she called for me to come over so I would not be alone. Actually it was nice to be alone for a change.. I get to do what I want when I want.. 9th Random thing about me... I used to be scared to death to stay by myself. Funny thing huh.

Monday morning got up at 5:30am to meet Donna, Susan, Najat and Lauren for a run at Town Green Park. Nice cool and breezy if you can call Houston in June cool and breezy jog down Lake Woodlands and back about 3.2 miles give or take.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday Track

Last night at track was a great workout. Simple warm up.. No drills.. 8 X 300's with 100 recovery. We had a small group so Bill got join in for a few 100's or so. He would pick us up and run a 100 and then wait for his next victim j/k. I guess it was my 3rd 300 that he ran the last 100 with me. I picked up the pace and so did Bill- wow he is fast! Some of my runner girls were there Althea, Judi and Donna. Donna brought more tomato's for us from her garden. Molly stopped by after a long day at work to say hi and talk to Bill. Viv was there and Bill told us that she joined Kim's tri group, wow I think you are a machine Viv. Way to go! When I got home I pigged out on ribs and baked potato and my husband and I watched The Bucket list and kept up with the Celtics and Lakers game. The game was really exciting if you wanted the Lakers to loose- which I did. And if you have not seen The Bucket List it is a must and I will say it is defiantly worth owning.

Monday, June 16, 2008

June 13th- 16th

So I have taken it a little easy on the workouts the last few days. Thursday night I was so exhausted when I got home that I decided to neglecte my run and relaxe in my recliner. Friday morning I woke up and went to my Pliates class and then to work. Work was good had lunch with some of my girl friends and then went to Lowe's to buy my daddy a gift card for father's day. Saturday morning went up to Luke's for WF fall program training, it was an easy coarse just out and back with several turn around options for all running groups. I chose the 5.28 option, on my way back I ran into my co-worker Ron on the trains so he turned around a block early and ran back towards North Shore park with me. Run was nice everyone finished up great, we even had a few more entries. I am thinking this group is going to be quite big for our first season of the fall program. After the run I visited with some of the girls and then home to get ready to go to Kingwood. We went out to my dad's in for a late lunch we ate at Manuel's yum yum is all I can say. After lunch I got in the pool and my dad and Logan cut frons off of the 15 ft palm tree in my dads back yard, after that they got in the pool for a swim too. Later that night (much later) we joined our cousins for the midnight showing of "Rocky Horror Picture Show". This was the first time I have been to the River Oaks movie theater to see this. It was so crazy with the people acting out the show on stage plus all of the people in the audiance were yalling and throwing paper and other things. We had a blast! But a very late night for me. Sunday we woke up and had breakfest with my mom and Steve, went home cleaned house and watched NASCAR (love it) and finally Dale Jr. gets his win. The best race I have seen in I can not say when. He had just enough gas to finish the race when a caution comes out with 3 laps to go, so for 5 laps he coasts around the track before the restart. Thank god he is the driver that he is and he was able to save enough gas to pull out the win. So he runs out of gas as he crosses the finish line and gets pushed back to the pits. No gas left for his burnout and victory lap. Go 88!!
Sunday evening we went to my father-in-laws for his father's day and grilled out and watch the golf tournement. All in all it was a wonderful and very eventful weekend.

So tonight I will run!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Monday was a long day at work.. I am a member of the Smith International Employee Association and we are gearing up for our annual picnic. This year it is at Splashtown Waterpark and along with all the planning we do to pick a venue, the menu that will be served, door prizes and many others items, we are also responsible for getting employees their tickets. Every year we go through and rack our brains to try and figure out a way that our company does not get cheated by those who do not understand what it means when the picnic is for the employee and their immediate family. Today was the first day for ticket pick up and some of the stories that people come up with and their 12 kids they have (really we don't know who these people are bringing). Well I could think of for the hour I sat through this "headache" all I could think of is meeting up with my "runner girls" for a run. So Monday night I meet up with Donna, Judi and Susan for an easy but hot 35min run from Town Green Park. We talked about our first meeting for WF fall program that got started on Saturday, comparing stories about our first training run on our journey to San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon/Half Marathon. Every now and then we had a nice breeze but them that seem to go away as quickly as it came. After the run we sat on the bench and talked about what was going on with our families and such. The cops that patrol the waterway rode by and said hello and wanted to know "how far we ran today" so we decided just to tell them that we ran for 35 minutes rather than tell them it was not quit 3 miles. Like I mentioned before it was an easy but hot run. Home, dinner, shower and sleep!

Tuesday work was much easier, I do not have to worry about ticket pick ups again until Friday ugh.. Tuesday night track work out was great. We have tapered down a little bit because of the heat 4-6 300's with 100 recovery. 1 mile easy warm up. Then I ran with Molly after 3 of the 300's we discussed if we really thought we could do all 6. After 5 300's Molly said we can do it.. So we did. Thank God for Molly I probably would have cheated myself out of the last one.

Wednesday I met my mom, Steve and my girl Leontine for a couple of drinks after work. My Friend Leontine had been out of the country so I was glad to see her back. But I am regretting the $2 Dos XX's drafts.

And today I got great news, my mom had a biopsy done last Friday on some polyps they found in her esophagus so I was concern but all tests came back negative for cancer.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Great week

Woodlands Fit fall program started yesterday and we had an awesome turn out. Kim and Bill had a bet about how many people would turn out to the first training and orientation and Bill won. We had 69 runners turn out it was amazing. There were some new faces and alot of returning friends I had not seen in a long time. Since I am the pace leader for the red full marathon we had a 5.74 route around the Millbend loop. It was a nice run everybody looked great and finished strong. After our run Kim lead the group through a nice core workout. I came home and took a nice nap in my recliner as the heat really got to me yesterday- I can't wait until I get used to it again.. If that is possible.

Today I met up with TWRC at Starbucks at Market Street for a run. I ran with Russell for a shorter version than most, we took the 6 mile option.

I will say I have been proud of myself this past week, I had been a slacker for several weeks now but I think I am out of my rut. I manage to work out every day last week. Monday ran almost 3, Tuesday ran at track, Wednesday bootcamp, Thursday ran a little more than 3, Friday Pilate's, Saturday 5.75 and Sunday 6.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Since May 20th

It has been a while and to go back to May 20th is almost impossible but I will try. Memorial weekend we went to visit friends at Mathis Lake. Went to see Randy Rodgers Band on Thursday night with the girls.

Friday morning shopping for food for the weekend. Spent Friday afternoon through Monday in the water and on the boat. Tuesday through Friday recouped at work from the time off and got lots of rest. On Saturday May 31st I got up and went to bootcamp ended up sore for about 3 days. Saturday night we went to a party at Donna and Rick's ate fajitas and drank mexican beer.

Sunday was TWRC meeting I got to visit with Bill, Molly, Kim, Anne, Debbie and others.

Monday June 2nd was brutally hot I managed to pound out an easy 2.5 miles. Tuesday June 3rd track work out, was easy compared to most but the heat was awful me, Susan, and Donna started out with 1 mile easy walk, then a couple strides. We did 8 x 200 with 200 recovery. I actually got to run a few 100's with Bill. That was alot of fun. other than.. he beat me! Wednesday morning up at 4:30 for bootcamp- I am a little sore today. Last night was the best sleep in weeks.
Woodlands Fit fall program starts on Saturday, I am looking forward to seeing my running friends that I have not seen since last season. This year I am an assitant coach for the red full marathon group. I am very excited about this new experiance in running.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

8 Random Things about me

1 - I would be content with running a 10 minute mile consistently for 26.2.

2 - I always wanted to be a cop when I grew/grow up.

3 - Favorite Sport's to watch NASCAR and Football

4 - I played no sports in High school- I guess I was trying to find myself.

5 - I have had only one "real" job my whole life. Started working for Smith International when I was 19.. And that was almost 13 years ago.

6 - My favorite guitar player is Stevie Ray.

7 - Personal goal- To run at least one marathon/half marathon in a different state a year.

8 - I have a golf membership at Canyon Gate and have only used it to go hit balls once because I don't know how to play golf- but my husband has about a 6 handicap.

The Rules:
A. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
B. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
C. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. (I'll tag anyone who hasn't been and wants to share a few things about themselves)