Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Starting to taper

Thursday 23rd- Met up with Donna and Althea for a short run around the waterway 2.65 miles. Afterward I went up to Fudrucker's for a WF coaches meeting.

Friday- rested up for long run on Saturday.

Saturday- 20 miles, it was great. Fast Robin and I stayed together the whole time, both of us getting the other through the hard moments of the run. 3:47:xx approximately 11:30 pace which I was happy with and afterward I really did not feel like I ran 20 miles. I had scheduled a massage at noon so I went home and took a hot shower and then went to Massage Envy where I met Lori. I had a brief consult where Lori asked what I wanted worked on so I explained I had run 20 miles in the am to just work out my legs and hip flexers and anywhere else she found knots on my bod. One hour later I came back from heaven and back to the real world. Later in the day I went to see my best friend and the kiddo's. Asleep in the car at 7:30 in bed by 8:00 asleep in my comfy bed by 8:29.

Sunday- Up at 6:30 wide awake tossing and turning until 8:00. Breakfast at The Dosey Doe with my hubby and mom-in law. 2:00 Lunch with mom and cousin. 6:00pm at the waterway for "Light The Night" walk. I got to work along the coarse and cheer the different teams on. Myself, Debbie Tripp and Waverly Walk were on Bill Dwyer's volunteer team. We were scattered along the coarse with the Oakridge High School ROTC. From what I heard this charity raised over $100, 000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma before the walk started and all money had been collected. This like all charity events was a blessing to be a part of. I also used this is a recovery walk and walked the coarse myself to get in a 2 mile walk.



San Antonio Rock and Roll marathon is quickly approaching (3 weeks). I am starting to get some butterflies about my 1st marathon. Most of my runner girls have received their packets so I am hoping mine will be in the mail tonight when I get home. This week I start to taper in mileage. Whoo Hoo!


Bill D said...

The Light The Night total was near 210,000.00 !!!!

Thanks for helping...you are now part of a future cure.

Viv said...

Great week,girl! Glad the knee started to feel better. I am just in awe and so proud of you with that 20 miler! Great work, I know you will do fantastic in San antonio. You better have a huge fish bowl maragarita for me.