Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here and There

I have been busy not blogging the past two weeks. I usually would work on my blog early morning at work or during lunch and can no longer do that. So now I finally have time to sit at the computer for a few minutes and blog again. Sad thing is I can hardly remember yesterday much less the past two weeks. I went down and was a cheerleader for many friends a couple weeks ago at the Houston Marathon/Half Marathon. It was a nice to see lots of friends from TWRC, 7 Hills Running Club and WF. Lots of PR's were set that day, congratulations to all that ran. I ran a few miles here and there, but it really never seems to be enough. Last weekend my husband and I flew to Florida for his grandmother's 80th b-day bash. I ran 5 miles while I was there between family things and only being there for about 40 hrs tops. The weather was a cool 50 at night and about 75 during the day. Monday night I was exhausted so I came home from work and went to bed about 7:30. Tuesday night I ran a quick 3 miles in 27 mins (that's really good for me). Tonight a massage and a track workout. Friday me and Viv will get on a plane and fly to LA to meet Karen for a half marathon in Huntington Beach and Superbowl parting. I am really hoping to shave 10-15 mins off my (2) 2:30:somethings and 2:33:24 from 2008.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I ran 2 days in a row!

Yes I finally did it again. I ran two days in a row. Monday night I enjoyed a very crisp cool evening run around the loop in my hood. 3.5 miles in 35 mins. Not bad. Tuesday night at the track warmed up for a mile and then 3 X 800. They were supposed to easy hard, whatever that means, each 800 was 4:52, 4:49 and 4:49 then did a mile cool down with TIR team mates Robin and Russell. Speaking of TIR our team name is official Asphalt Assault. The planning goes on and on. Dinner and rest tonight with the hubby, I am very tired from a staff meeting all day today!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Saturday went out to Huntsville to run the trails with Ken and a few others, since I am running RR 50 miler in a few weeks, figured I was get out and do a training run. We ran 12.7 on the trails. It was a nice, but cold run.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1st TIR Meeting At Goose's Acre

We had our first TIR meeting last night at Goose's Acre. Among lots of laughs we started planning and put team name, van rental, hotel rental, shirts and such out on the table for review. Next step wait for the votes to come in....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Track Night

It was a great night at the track. Arrived about 6:30 to chit chat with Bill. About 6:45 I started my 10 min. warm up and then Bill gave George and I our workout for the night. 4-6 X 800's with 3 min sedentary recovery. It was difficult but I felt great when I was done. I don't have accurate times to post because Bill was timing and I can hardly remember my name half the time. But I do know that when I finished Bill was surprised that I did each 800 15 seconds faster than he thought I would. All 6 800's were between 4:02-4:15 I believe.

5 great things for 2008.

1. Celebrated 2yr anniversary with my hubby
2. Completed 26.2 (1st Marathon)
3. Completed 50K (1st Ultra)
4. Ran 3 half marathons
5. Made dozens of new running friends

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Let me start off by wishing all a very Happy New Year! Thursday I drove out to Kingwood to see a few of my peeps run the Kingwood Marathon. This seems like a hella good race put on by the 50 States running club. This year the medals were huge and weighed about 2.5lbs, the biggest medals I have ever seen (LR has nothing on these medals). Saturday morning I slept in and finally got out for a 3.5 mile run in the heat and humidity. Sunday 6 miles in the heat and humidity. Cold front arrived last night so hopefully it will be cool runnings for the next few days.