Friday, May 29, 2009

I joined a Gym

I have not run a whole lot since last Wednesday but I joined a gym last night. I went over to check Pure Fitness where my home girl Viv teaches spin and I loved the club, it is for women only. So bring on the fitness.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Track workout

I had a killer track work out Tuesday night. 6 X 800's in 90 something heat/humidity. I am loving working out with the tri group. I may even have someone helping me look for a starter bike. After I find that maybe I will try some swimming.

See you on the roads.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Let's just say this year was a lot different than past, usually I am on the lake in a boat drinking beer or at the beach drinking beer. This labor day we stayed at home, Thursday through Saturday I was helping out with a princess party for my favorite nieces. I participated in making 40 tissue puffy balls, 40 butterfly cupcakes and pulling off the best princes party ever. So am I growing up? Hell no, I just had more important priorities this year, there is plenty of time to get in a boat, layout and drink beer.

Other things that happened this weekend include the birth of my cousin's baby girl. Awh. Congrats to Ashley.

On a sad note a little angel that did not make it into this world but went to be with Jesus instead.

Finally I did not get out an run at all. Alot going on and when I was at home I just felt like resting. Back in the game tonight.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I did it!

I made it through spin yesterday after doing bootcamp in the am. I was dead tired when I got home, we made pork chops, salad, and spinach w/mushrooms for dinner as soon as I ate I hit the shower and to beddy by I went. I am contemplating my workout today, to skip it and make up tomorrow or to get it over with and rest tomorrow. This afternoon I am headed to Pamela's to spend then night with her and the kiddos. Saturday is the twins first b-day party so we will be making puff balls and other decorations for the party late in the night and all day tomorrow. I am hoping to try and fit my run in today before, but time wise is not looking good.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trying to get the bikini body

Tuesday- Track work out Warm-up + drills + 2 X 800, 2 X 1200 and 2 X 400.
Wednesday am- Bootcamp- hopefully I will spin tonight with Viv!

Hopefully this all = bikini in Coast Rica (July)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Keeping Up

I started running in July of 2007 when I had decided I needed to get back in shape. I joined Woodlands Fits and started meeting some fabulous friends. The past 2 years I have spent finding many things out about myself that I never thought possible. I have made the best friends and have met the best coaches. Until a couple of weeks ago I would run here and there and shoot for running at least 3 times a week and an occasional bootcamp. This has seemed to work for me quite well, in fact in helped me accomplish many races and several PR's. But I needed more, so 3 weeks ago I signed up for Strive- Kim Hager Sports, and it is like a whole new ball game. I have been keeping up with a 6 x's a week of running and cross training. I am learning about my heart rate, training in different zones and how to race stronger not harder. I am so thrilled for the chance to work work her and Bill this session.

Wed- spin class w/Viv
Thursday- rest
Fri- 3.5 miles 35 mins
Sat- bootcamp
Sun- 5.75 miles 60 mins

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prom Season

Ok I was tagged, so now I also tag you to upload a prom picture and tell your story.

I was dating this guy Jeff that was in collage at Iowa State University and promised to take me to my senior prom. (Notice only women in the picture) I got the dress, the shoes, tickets, and made plans for us to ride/eat with my friends and their dates. Well about 2 weeks before prom he disappeared, and would not return phone calls, so I ended up going with a "guy friend" and took pictures with the girls. A week after prom Jeff calls and makes up a lam-o excuse about finals and a sick grandparent. The bad thing was I was embarrassed cause I had been bragging about my "collage guy". But the good was I had the best time with my friends and did not end up in a fight at the end of the night. I moved from Iowa 3 weeks later. What was I thinking with my bangs? Ewh...

Biggest Loser

I must say this was a fantastic season for the biggest loser. I was truly amazed at the weight loss for these contestants this season. Helen.. Wow she is one hot momma. I think when she got to the ranch her girls weighed more that 117lbs. I think it is wonderful that The Biggest Loser helps people achieve their dreams. My husband had to tell that if I had Julian Micheal's kicking my ass for 5 months 4-5 hours a day and I had a kitchen stocked with all healthy food that I did not have to pay for that I would have won the Biggest Loser. (awh how sweet) What I can not figure out is how they all complete a full marathon without any marathon training. Yeah they worked out hard core and did lots of weight/cardio training, but hell as a marathon runner we all know that it takes many hours of hard core running. Tara ran her 26.2 in 4:54- holy crap I defiantly have a new goal this season.

I met with Coach K last night to talk about race schedule, I had to explain to her that I am the type of runner who climbs the wall when I do not have something in the near future to train for. I went to her with 4 possible marathons, 3 half's and one 10 miler for October-February. She explained to me what was more important was my goals for these races. So now I am working on concentrating on which races are more important. The only problem is I don't have anything to do until October. So I am still climbing the walls.

Track work out last night 30 min TT with 1 mile warm up, 2 X strides and drills. Great workout with Team Strive.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy Mother's day Weekend

Happy Mother's day to all Mom's, I wish all of you the best and hope you had wonderful weekends.

Friday I cruised out to see Pamela and the little princess's Catia and Ciara. I was greeted with huge smiles a little bit of hair pulling and lots of drool. I totally love these kids, I have none of mine own yet so I lurve the shitz out of these kiddos. They are about to be one in a couple of weeks and they are about to start walking so pretty soon instead of laying on my back and letting them crawl all over me I will be chasing them in circles. Friday night we took mom-in-law to eat Mexican for Mother's Day.

Saturday am went to bootcamp, Octavious thought it would be a nice day for push ups, 500 of them, followed with 500 bicep curls. Yes that was our 1 hour workout. Oh and 15 mins of core. After that I went to see my Grandmother, she to wanted Mexican so we ate at Mi Sombrero.

Sunday morning run 6.15 miles in hot humid yuck. Breakfast with mom at IHop. Crawfish, Landshark and Rockets game- then home finally for rest.

Hope to see you on the roads!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spining w/Viv

I took Viv's spin class tonight and I must say she is bad ass. I have not been to a spin class in a very long time so I met her there early and she got my bike all set up for me. She is great spin instructor and does not let you slack fo sho. I am a little sore in the "girl area" or "the Gina" as Marcy would say. Thanks Viv for a great hot and sweaty leg burning work out.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1st offical track work out with Team Strive

Last night was my first official workout with Team Strive, everybody else started last week but since I was coming off my marathon in OKC I just went for sh*ts and grins. Last night 1 mile warm up, 100 pick ups with 300 easy/comfortable recovery fro 15 mins and then cool down. Total miles 3.03 avg pace with complete work out 10:19. Felt great after the workout. Then celebrated Cinco de Mayo at Lupe Tortilla with Team Strive Tri group, mucho fun.

I am starting a new supplement today called Healthy Trim.. Seems to help you loose weight- we'll see.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Go Rockets

I have nothing to blog about today. I did not run yesterday nor did I go to bootcamp. I decided to take the extra day off and let my legs heal one more day.
I am very excited that the Rockets beat the Lakers, I never thought that would happen. Thank god Kobe was sick with the flu. You think it could be the swine flu?
Tonight I have a track workout and then maybe head to Lupe for Cino de Mayo with the tri group.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend in Review

Friday night we headed to a friends at the board walk for beers and a free Dave concert. We did not have to fight the crowds or pay sh*t load of $$ for beers(super cool), we could not see Dave but we could hear him loud and clear. Hella good night with an old friend. Saturday morning bootcamp an hour of getting my azz kicked. Later in the am I went to a baby shower and Saturday evening dinner with the hubby. Sunday 5.6 miles with Russell, this was my first run since OKC last weekend and I felt a little tired and my azz checks were sore for bootcamp. Sunday lunch crawfish and beer then at 5pm got my rub down from my chicka at Massage Envy. Thanks Cruz for workin out the kinkz, I am mo betta today. Great weekend, ready for a great work week.

Hope to see you on the roads.