Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Let's just say this year was a lot different than past, usually I am on the lake in a boat drinking beer or at the beach drinking beer. This labor day we stayed at home, Thursday through Saturday I was helping out with a princess party for my favorite nieces. I participated in making 40 tissue puffy balls, 40 butterfly cupcakes and pulling off the best princes party ever. So am I growing up? Hell no, I just had more important priorities this year, there is plenty of time to get in a boat, layout and drink beer.

Other things that happened this weekend include the birth of my cousin's baby girl. Awh. Congrats to Ashley.

On a sad note a little angel that did not make it into this world but went to be with Jesus instead.

Finally I did not get out an run at all. Alot going on and when I was at home I just felt like resting. Back in the game tonight.

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Adrienne said...

Growing up is overrated!

My thoughts go out to the little angel.