Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lap swimming only

Let me introduce you to a couple of my friends from last night. Last night was a long swim at the Nat, our tri specific swim coaches offered 3 long swims this season and last night was number two. I was unable to attend the first one so when I arrived I was quit nervous about what was going to take place. I took my wetsuit with me since I have not worn/swam in it since Ironstar in November. I jumped in the lane with Scott and started my warm up. After doing 300 yds Tom stopped us and gave us a pep talk about warming up before a swim. He told us that he will warm up with 1200 sometimes (uh no thank you), but that he will slowly build to his race pace and maintain that pace for the distance of his event. So we swam 5 x 50 with 15 secs rest. After completing the warm up intervals it was time to start our 1 hour straight swim. Prior to this I have done a couple of 1000 TT's but never have swam with out a break for more than about 22 mins. About half way through I got a horrible cramp and had to stop for about 30 secs to massage it out, I got it to where it was manageable and started swimming again, but it took about 200 yds before I could push off the wall. I finally got back in my groove and all of a sudden I could hear Tom yelling I stopped and looked up at him and he said GO GO GO and I realized we had 5 more mins. All in all I swam good and hard and the hour went by pretty quickly. When we finished he let Scott and I know we had swam 2850 in the hour. Not fast for most but supa fast for this chick. Total yards 3400 another milestone for me in the books. I finally left the pool feeling happy for a change!
Hope to see you on the roads soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A 60's weekend quick wrap up!

Mom's Surprise 60th Birthday was a success; we were not only able to surprise her but made her smile. She was surrounded by friends and family both in person and in spirit for those that were unable to attend. She even had a few hunky band members serenade her!
67 miles on bike feels like 67 miles on a bike, but on the hills it feels like 100. I had a great ride with many teammates with a run and food to follow. I was wiped out when I got home and an still recovering from fatigue. Thank you to my teammates that always help get through my training.
I never thought the temperature was going to hit 60 on Sunday but with about an hour and a half left into the ride the arm warms came off and the sun came out to warm us up a bit.
A wonderful weekend for 60's!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am thinking a 60's kind of weekend

On Saturday my mom turns 60 and we have a surprise party planned for her, I am thinking she is going to be super thrilled. We have about 35 friends and family coming out to celebrate with her on her 60 years of excellence and sometime not so excellence. My step dad is surprising her with a plane ticket to California to see my brother.

On Sunday I am signed up to do the Continental ride with several teammates and I am signed up for the 67 miler. The furthest I have ridden so far was 62 prior to Iron Star back in November. Thankfully it is a supported ride and I can take lots of breaks. I was surprised that Coach G did not frown and say hell no you are not riding 67 miles. Well see what happens as I will have to be a good girl at my moms party if i am going to ride the hills for 67 miles.

Also on Sunday we will have a high of 68 degrees so we will have great weather for my 67 mile bike ride!

Hope to see you on the roads!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Count down to another 70.3

In just over 5 weeks I will be participating in another 70.3 only this time it will be an Mdot race. Not to say anything bad about a 70.3 race that is not sponsored by Mdot it is still the same distance. The big difference is the support provided on and off the coarse and all the swag you get to buy. And yes I like to brag so I will be showing off all kinds of Mdot 70.3 stuff. this time around the training seems different, yes there is allot of of it but I seem to be less worried about getting it all in. A few weeks went by where I missed several long bike rides out on the roads and opted to do them on a spin bike. I am now back out on the road and getting in the much needed long rides again and I am loving it. Long runs are going great, but that is the easiest thing for me is the run part- not that it is fast or anything. And swims- I still hate to swim, I still suck at swimming. I just do not click when it comes for feel of the water, so I will just fake it on race day and get myself through the swim and enjoy the rest.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!