Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Track Workout

Warm up with 4X400's and cool down..
I did 3X400's (stomach was acting up) and legs were alittle cramped.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Starting to taper

Thursday 23rd- Met up with Donna and Althea for a short run around the waterway 2.65 miles. Afterward I went up to Fudrucker's for a WF coaches meeting.

Friday- rested up for long run on Saturday.

Saturday- 20 miles, it was great. Fast Robin and I stayed together the whole time, both of us getting the other through the hard moments of the run. 3:47:xx approximately 11:30 pace which I was happy with and afterward I really did not feel like I ran 20 miles. I had scheduled a massage at noon so I went home and took a hot shower and then went to Massage Envy where I met Lori. I had a brief consult where Lori asked what I wanted worked on so I explained I had run 20 miles in the am to just work out my legs and hip flexers and anywhere else she found knots on my bod. One hour later I came back from heaven and back to the real world. Later in the day I went to see my best friend and the kiddo's. Asleep in the car at 7:30 in bed by 8:00 asleep in my comfy bed by 8:29.

Sunday- Up at 6:30 wide awake tossing and turning until 8:00. Breakfast at The Dosey Doe with my hubby and mom-in law. 2:00 Lunch with mom and cousin. 6:00pm at the waterway for "Light The Night" walk. I got to work along the coarse and cheer the different teams on. Myself, Debbie Tripp and Waverly Walk were on Bill Dwyer's volunteer team. We were scattered along the coarse with the Oakridge High School ROTC. From what I heard this charity raised over $100, 000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma before the walk started and all money had been collected. This like all charity events was a blessing to be a part of. I also used this is a recovery walk and walked the coarse myself to get in a 2 mile walk.



San Antonio Rock and Roll marathon is quickly approaching (3 weeks). I am starting to get some butterflies about my 1st marathon. Most of my runner girls have received their packets so I am hoping mine will be in the mail tonight when I get home. This week I start to taper in mileage. Whoo Hoo!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I pretty much was a couch potato last week and used the not recovered from the hills card until Saturday, when I realized I was correct. I had a bit of a difficult run on Saturday morning so I took it really slow. It was a tapered run of 10 miles. Afterwards we had our half way there party for WF (Houston marathon) with lots of great eats. At noon I left with mom and went to Edna for a cousins funeral. Spent time with family all weekend and came home on Sunday. Last night at the track was a nice workout we did a light warm up and the 8 x 200 fast and 200 easy, average pace 9:44. Tonight I think I will have a beer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Track Workout

A small group joined at the track last night including the mosquito's. On the agenda for our work out was a 1 mile warm up @ 10:45 pace. 1 mile at a comfortable pace which Robin and I ran with a little discomfort @ 10:03 pace. After that it was 4 x 400 with 200 recovery between. 1st @ 2:25 2nd @ 2:14 3rd @ 2:14 & 4th @ 2:04. Average pace for work out including recovery was 10:40. All in all it was a great work out and I am feeling pretty good after my half marathon on Saturday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Huntsville Hills

The Huntsville hills were a B for this girl from the flat city. I do not recall one piece of flat road on the coarse. I had high hopes to beat 2:30, a little high for the hills, I guess- because for my 3rd half marathon this year I bring home another 2:30, 2:30:23 to be exact. I do feel good about this time considering it is only 7 seconds slower than my half marathon in Little Rock (03/09)and is 9 seconds better than my half here in flat Houston (01/09). I won't make excuses (too many anyway), but I did agree to stay with a friend so I did, until about mile 11.5 which turned up to be a little to late, I should have started my own race at about mile 11. The Woodlands was supported very well with lots WRC members placing in their age groups, which I will never do unless I am 60ish and still running at the same pace I run now.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Huntsville here I come

Tomorrow I will run the Huntsville half, I am a little nervous about the hills but I am looking forward to this race. I have not run a race other than a couple 5 K's since March when I ran Little Rock half marathon. I do not have any great expectations on this race since I decided to do it the day (last Thursday) I found out that 10 for Texas had been postponed due to debris still in the road- compliments of IKE!! (Speaking of more disappointment.. this race was re-scheduled for November 15th when at least 200+ WF's and WRC members will all be in San Antonio for the 1st Inaugural Rock-n-Roll Marathon and Half marathon). I would like to finish Huntsville half in under 2:30 but if I don't there will be no harm no foul. I will have a race report Monday.
Tuesday at track was an easy work out since I decided to race on Saturday.. 4 x 60 x 60's. All that were not racing had to do 8 of them . Thank god for my upcoming race because although I went to track I just was not feeling it.
Last night I ran with the "runner girls" we did an easy 3.5. Mosquito's are still a B*tch.. I am all ate up, WTF I though when the weather cooled and the humidity went away so did the mosquito's.
See you on the roads!

Monday, October 6, 2008

More Updates...

Thursday I got more not good news, my best friend Pamela's prognosis is not what we hoped for. She has stage 3 colon cancer and it has gotten into her lymph nodes. What does this mean, I have no freaking clue. Treatment of coarse, how much and how long is still to be determined by her doctors. I HATE CANCER!! I am trying super hard not to get emotional about this around her but it is so hard- it is a total heartbreak. I slept (actually I did not get any sleep) Thursday night because all I can think about is her babies, and yes I am selfish I think what I would do if she were not in my life.
Friday when I got out of bed I tried to have a good attitude because I was headed to Corpus Christi for a wedding and I was also picking up my brother and sister-in-law from the airport. I decided to start my morning with a long run so I put in a 10 miler before we got on the road. We had a great time in Corpus we hung out at the beach and by the pool at Port Royal. The wedding and the reception were both beautiful and fun. Plus I got to see people I had not seen in many years. I was super exhausted when we got home last night. Great weekend with family and friends!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tuesday at the Track

Last we were at the Oakridge 9th grade track. Coach Bill had an short but hard work out. 1 mile warm up, 2 x 1 mile @ 10K pace w/ straight aways recovery. 1st mile 9:44, 2nd mile 9:48, Average pace including warm up and cool down 10:35. I still sometimes find it hard to know all of my race paces, because depending on weather and other factors I am pretty much between 10:00 and 12:00. I am just not a fast runner. It was a tiring workout but great to be on the track. The weather seems to be cooling off making my runs easier and more comfortable. See you on the roads.