Monday, October 13, 2008

Huntsville Hills

The Huntsville hills were a B for this girl from the flat city. I do not recall one piece of flat road on the coarse. I had high hopes to beat 2:30, a little high for the hills, I guess- because for my 3rd half marathon this year I bring home another 2:30, 2:30:23 to be exact. I do feel good about this time considering it is only 7 seconds slower than my half marathon in Little Rock (03/09)and is 9 seconds better than my half here in flat Houston (01/09). I won't make excuses (too many anyway), but I did agree to stay with a friend so I did, until about mile 11.5 which turned up to be a little to late, I should have started my own race at about mile 11. The Woodlands was supported very well with lots WRC members placing in their age groups, which I will never do unless I am 60ish and still running at the same pace I run now.


Running Knitter said...

Excellent job! Congrats!

Viv said...

WTG Misty! (plus Bill told me u did) I knew you you were going to reach you goal of the 2:30, and it there is rollers outhere. You will be totally unstopable on a flat course. You are getting faster already so I have total faith that before long you will be a single digit migit.