Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Track night

Last night at the track was probably the best workout I have had in a long time. I was very gruelling and it wiped me out but I felt great when I finished. When I got to the track Bill informed that I would be working out with George. At first I was a little nervous, but it turned out to be FF. I did a 1 mile warm up with George, Robin (special K) and Debbie Tripp. Our workout was 8 X 300 with a very slow 100 recovery. George of coarse kicked our butts, but we were not to far behind him. My Garmin was not charged and as soon as I got to the track and turned it on it turned back off, so I do not have actual numbers but from Robin's watch we did each 300 in 1:22-1:25. Not bad in my book. I have been a little torn on an issue, On February 7th there is another trail run in Huntsville State Park, it is a 50 miler- yes I said 50 miler. I want to run it, and I am trying to listen to my heart and my mind but they do not agree 100%. My mind says dark trails a week after my 1/2 marathon in Huntington which I am shooting for a 2:15 PR and 3 weeks before TIR which I really want to participate in (and be healthy) maybe not the best idea. My mind also along with my heart tells me I can do it. My heart says if I don't do it now, will there be another time. My heart tells me to run with my friends. My coach says yes/but no for alot of the same reasons I am torn. The crazy person in me says, "It's $50, I get 29 hours and I can take a power nap if need be, if my friends can do it I have to do it with them". I guess I will hold out on the entry for another week and see if I move closer to one or the other.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Sorry I have been MIA over the holidays. Let's see where to start. My holidays started on Dec. 19th, I went out and spent sometime with my bff and the kiddos, Caleb, Ciara and Catia. They moved to a new house so Caleb (2-1/2) gave me the grand tour and told me all about his new house and how they threw the old one away. I love how kids view things. Saturday morning was the WF/KF 12/21 miler in the Woodlands, I worked with Bill, Debbie, Robin and George at the aid station at mile 11 for the marathoners. Afterward we headed to Barryhill for yummy tacos. Saturday night out for dinner with the family, my brother and sister in law came in for the holidays. Sunday morning meet up at Starbucks for an 6-8 mile run with Robin, but Russell twisted out arms and we pounded out 12 instead. Somehow I am loosing what I did Monday, so I guess nothing important happened that day. Tuesday a bit of last minute Christmas shopping with my hubby- I had to show him what I wanted for Christmas. Tuesday night went up to the track for 30 min easy run, changed in the parking lot (yes I said that) and then cruised up to Goose's Acre with my runner brother's and sista's. Robin brought up her desire to do a 50 miler in Huntsville State Park in Feb. so I may have that on the calendar, we'll see after my coach tells me if I can do it or not!?! Wednesday more last minute Christmas shopping w/the hubby.. (uhg why do men wait until the last minute) Christmas Eve night went to mom's for dinner. Christmas morning breakfast and open presents with hubby. Score'd this year, but that's what happens when you pick out most of your gifts. Lunch with father in law in the evening & back to mom's to visit with my bro. Friday Dec.26th lunch at dad's and visit with my 93 yr old grandmother, cousin's and aunt and uncle. Saturday, mom got married, I got up early 8am and went to help with all the details and decorating ect. all day event got home at 1am. Sunday hubby's b-day, birthday breakfast, birthday shopping, football watching, beer drinking and b-day dinner with father in-law. Love the holidays but I am so glad they are over, now I can rest and get back to running. Sorry I have been MIA to all that were worried about me. See you on the roads soon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love that we are getting some cold weather in H-town but I can do without the rain. I hate damp cold. Yesterday the drive into worked sucked. Last night the weather sucked at the track and this morning again the drive into work was wet. Tomorrow we are supposed to get back into the low 70's and then I believe Sunday back into the 30's-40's. Hopefully that cold front will not include rain and clouds- yuck! Over the weekend I took it easy as far as running. Saturday I slept in and then ran errands before heading to the Marriott for my company Christmas party. Every year Smith puts on a really nice party for the employees, with scrumptious food, bad ass casino night and a fabulous band. This year we had The Mars Hill Band out of Dallas, are they were well worth the $$. Sunday it is needless to say after a party like that there was no running in the future. Sunday afternoon Logan's mom, sister, sis's man, dad and dad's better half came over for an early Christmas dinner. I was so excited Sunday when I got up and told my husband " I can not wait to have a fried bird". Then he informed me that the turkey I picked up was already cooked. OOOPPPPSSS! can we say dumb a**? This would be why I am not picked to buy the Thanksgiving or Christmas turkeys. So we smoked it on the pit for a while. Food was good and visiting with in-laws good. Monday was yuck outside and I was still lazy from Saturday night festivities still no running. Last night I did manage to make it to track all though I was almost tempted to go eat at Zio's but I was strong and made Chicken and vegetable soup instead and went to track. I did take it easy, 1 mile warm up and then 4 X 400 with 100 recovery at 11:00 min avg pace. Tonight I think I will go to Zio's. Happy Holiday's everyone and Happy Running.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jingle Bell Run

Last night was the Jingle Bell Run along the waterway. The run started at Luke's Locker with a loop in Market Street and then down the decorated waterway and back to Luke's for 3.5 miles. There was a great turn out of about 100 people. There were many WF'ers, a group from Seven Hill Running Club, TNT and from TWRC. It was a perfect night for a run, and I felt great. Great night for a recovery run.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

No running since Saturday!

Coach Bill has recommended some rest and recovery time coming off of Sunmart 50k (Saturday) and San Antonio RnR Marathon last month (both being a first). Tuesday after work I went for a massage at Massage Envy, my favorite Meg was booked so I saw Julie for a Swedish, felt great afterward, legs not so sore anymore. Tuesday night I went up to the track in the freezing cold/rain, looking forward to a couple miles, but when I got there Coach Kim said "You are not running tonight." and Coach Bill says "You are here to visit right?" No! & No! But I was a good girl and listened to Coach B & K. As it turns out Robin, myself, Coach Kim and Coach Bill all visited. So no running. I love my coaches, they look out for me. Wednesday it was even colder it actually snowed for about 5 hours in parts of the Houston area. I think the last time it snowed in area was about 3 years ago. Took it easy again, went to dinner with my hubby, sister-in-law and her man. Tonight there is a Jingle Bell Run along the waterway that I plan to run easy. My blisters are still healing, they are looking less gross everyday! As for racing nothing planned at the moment until February 1st, Surf City half marathon with my surf sista Viv. And in March TIR!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Last night

Last night I went to TWRC holiday party. It was a great time, great food and they held a drawing for the TIR to get a free entry. A few weeks ago a few of us girls were trying to get a team together and mentioned to Russell McCoy to see if he was interested. He said he was and so we have myself, Russell, Robin, Najat and Lauren on team so far and possibly Molly. We need at least 8 and hoping for a team of 12 so we can have less legs per person. Last night Russell bought a $10 raffle ticket for the free entry for our team and he won. Whew hoo!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Friday afternoon was the packet pick up for Sunmart. When I first got there I ran into Jon Walk and he pointed me where to go. So I go through the line and first I get the coolest biggest duffel bag. Sumart does a fabulous job with giveaways, I received many great items such as a shoe bag, long sleeve tech shirt, a polo shirt, a hat, and several other small items. Also included in my entry fee was a pasta dinner which was fabulous for hotel food. It defiantly beat the other pasta party I have been to and paid for (I won't mention where). So I will say that with this race you get what you pay for in entry fees and much more. After the pasta dinner and visiting with Bill and Jon I went home to pack my race bag and to get to bed early. Saturday morning I got up at 4:30 am to get ready to meet Bill up at Luke's Locker (Market Street). Bill and I were on the road by 5:38ish.. When we got to Huntsville State park at about 6:15 it was freezing, in fact I think Jon told me it was 29 degrees. Soon after we got there Robin aka Special K found us and I warmed up in her car. Soon after that Debbie and Russell got there, and before we knew it we were headed to the start line. Debbie did the first 6.7 mile loop with us which was mighty nice of her. Our second loop was 12.something. Last loop we repeated the second loop according to the map, but who knows cause the trails all looked the same- they were beautiful. We kept a slow easy pace, walked the up hills and kept a strong eye on the ground to try and avoid falling. we all had just one fall and nobody got hurt. I will say this is much easier than running a full marathon, this is such an easy slow paced run, the aid stations were fabulous fully stocked with Pepsi, mt. dew, water, Heed, all sorts of chips, bananas, peanut butter, candy and Vaseline. Robin said and I quote "Well this is the only place you will see Vaseline on the appetizer table." I hope so! Anyway we all finished strong and I know personally I felt better in this race than any other I have done thus far. I have some big ol nasty blisters.. but I am great. Last night my husband and I came home and rented (thanks to Russell and Robin's suggestion) Run Fat Boy. Hilarious movie, if you have seen it my blisters look like his only mine are on the side of my foot. But hey if that's all the pain after 31.5 miles I will take it any day!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Easy Track Workout

Coach Bill gave us an easy track work out last night, I guess since we ran a marathon 3-1/2 weeks ago and are running Sunmart 50k on Saturday he wanted to take it easy on us. 2 miles easy pace. He said run easy on Wednesday and then nothing until Saturday. Love it. So yesterday was my anniversary and Logan had to go to school so I got roses and star gazzer lillies at work and roses at home. 2 sets of flowers... that has never happened. Tonight we will go to Perry's. Yum Yum.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving holiday started on Tuesday night for me. After work I headed up to the track, Bill will have to correct me if I am wrong but I believe we did 6-8 x 200 w/100 recovery.. forgive me it has been several days ago and I do not keep a running log so I forget these things. Wednesday I was off from work so I cleaned house and started baking for Thanksgiving. I made pecan bars and cake balls from 8am until 1pm. I am not a baker and now I know why. I think I will still to the casseroles next year. Thursday morning I ran Run thru The Woods. It is always a well put together 5 mile race along with a 1 mile kids run and a 3 mile family walk/run. I had a PR Whoo Hoo.. 52:13:9 last year I ran it slow 1:00:55 and in 2002 (when I was 26) I ran it in 53:46 so I beat my best time by 1:30. Thursday afternoon we went to mom's for Thanksgiving and ate and ate and ate. On Friday I relaxed. Saturday cleaned and shopped a bit. Sunday 7.25 miles at 11:15 pace.