Thursday, December 11, 2008

No running since Saturday!

Coach Bill has recommended some rest and recovery time coming off of Sunmart 50k (Saturday) and San Antonio RnR Marathon last month (both being a first). Tuesday after work I went for a massage at Massage Envy, my favorite Meg was booked so I saw Julie for a Swedish, felt great afterward, legs not so sore anymore. Tuesday night I went up to the track in the freezing cold/rain, looking forward to a couple miles, but when I got there Coach Kim said "You are not running tonight." and Coach Bill says "You are here to visit right?" No! & No! But I was a good girl and listened to Coach B & K. As it turns out Robin, myself, Coach Kim and Coach Bill all visited. So no running. I love my coaches, they look out for me. Wednesday it was even colder it actually snowed for about 5 hours in parts of the Houston area. I think the last time it snowed in area was about 3 years ago. Took it easy again, went to dinner with my hubby, sister-in-law and her man. Tonight there is a Jingle Bell Run along the waterway that I plan to run easy. My blisters are still healing, they are looking less gross everyday! As for racing nothing planned at the moment until February 1st, Surf City half marathon with my surf sista Viv. And in March TIR!!!

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