Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I bough some new shoes (Mizuno's) last week and so far they are feeling great. I have been very faithful to Asics since I started running but I felt it was time for change. So far they have made feet feel loved through 2 track workouts, a few shorts runs and an 11 miler. I think they are here to stay, so thank you Asics I will always love you but you have been replaced at least for now!

Track work out was awesome. Temps were cooler and a light rain kept me cool. 1.8 w/u. 6 X 800 w/2.00 rest. 1 (800) 4.33, 2 (800) 4.33, 3 (800) 4.24, 4 (800) 4.25, 5 (800) 4.25 and 6 (800) 4.19 and finally a walking .5 c/d.

Hope to see you on the roads.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Last night I tried to get in a quick run before the rain, as soon as I turned out of my street it started to rain. About 1.4ish into the run it started to thunder so I turned around and went back home. 2.75 miles not bad. I started to wonder if I would miss my coached swim, but the sun came out and to the pool I went. Coach Laura had me start with 200 to warm up, I did. 8 X 50 drills with 25 flutter kick with board and 25 catch up i did. After that she had me do 50 in 1:20 X 3 (20 rest), 50 in 1:15 X 3 (30 rest) and 50 in 1:20 X 3 (20 rest). Finally after 1250 I was done. This was a nice accomplishment for me, this is the furthest I have ever swam- to be honest a few times I felt like I was going to drown but I know I will get better. Yeah for me!

Hope to see you on the roads!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Trying to remember

I am trying to remember what the hell I did this week in my training. I forget to blog and thus I forget what all I do. So it goes something like this. Give or take. This blog is really boring because I don't have anything to exciting to say.

Tuesday track w/o. 1.25 w/u, 3.5 continuous miles at zone 4-5a avg 9:42; .5 c/d

Wednesday legs were on fire so I took a rest day.

Thursday 6 miles on the tread mill yuck and boring I HATE running on the treadmill but i got the work out down.. 11 avg pace.

Friday swim lesson with Coach Laura 1/2 hour working on stroke and left breathing (which I suck at, I am a right side breather) I really like Laura she is nice and helpful. Friday night spent time with friends for a birthday, drank alittle more than I like to admit. I am a beer drinker and I drank fruity girl drinks. Needless to say on Saturday morning I did not feel so hot.

Saturday 10 mile bike ride. Like I said I felt like poo in the morning so the bike ride was late in the day but I got it in and felt great after the ride.

Sunday 11 mile run. Rested in the recliner and watched football all afternoon. I love Sunday's. On Sunday my husband showed me how to change a flat tire. My fingers are feeling that this morning.

That's all the boring stuff I know for now. Hope to see you on the roads.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's It All For?

Everyday we wake up in the morning weather it be to get up and go to work, school, run, get on our bikes, take the dog for a walk, get the kids ready for school, etc. Some mornings we spring out of bed others we drag ass, some mornings we crawl back in bed and put the covers over our heads and hug our pillows. So I ask you what's it all for? This morning I woke up and thought about my friend Pam, today has been 4 weeks that she passed. I thought how lucky I am to have one more day with my friends and family. I am so blessed to have completed a 10 mile run on Saturday, a 10 mile mile bike ride with my hubby on Sunday. To me getting up in the morning may not always be easy but it is one more day. One more day that I am lucky to live.

Training has been going well, I am about 4 weeks from 10 for Texas, 5 weeks from my first tri, 13 weeks from Dallas White Rock half and about 18 weeks from Houston Marathon. What a great few months I have a head of me.

Hope to see you on the roads!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Well I can honestly say I had way too much fun over Labor Day weekend in other words partied like a rock star come to mind. Friday morning I got up and headed out for a short run 4.2 mile loop close to my house. We headed to Austin a little after noon. So we had 3 straight days of lots of beer and food, in fact I think I could have put on a few more lbs. Saturday night we ended up at the UT ULN football game, being that I am an Aggie fan the fact that UT won I was not to excited but I never for once believed that ULM would win this game. More importantly the guys enjoyed the game so I enjoyed watching them have fun. Sunday we headed to Krause Springs in Spicewood, cool water beautiful scenery great fun. Yesterday the drive back was a little rough considering how tired we all were, when I got home I called Russ and asked if he wanted to go on a bike ride. The bike ride was rough but we did 16.8 miles, not sure if all the alcohol made the ride rough or if it was the first time I had ridden that far. Russ took it easy on me, thank god for friends. All I want to do id finish in October, other goals will come at a later date. I know I can get through the run and bike... now all I need is the swim to come together.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ready for Labor Day

I am so ready for labor day week end it can not get here fast enough. This week I have jumped back in to training with both feet and I have been so tired when I get home all I want is to shower and sleep. Monday it was a legs night I did a half hour of strength training then 1 hour of spin class. Tuesday a track workout w/u 1.08 miles 4 X 800w(40 sec rec) then 400 w(about 3.00 min rec). I was something like 4:26 1:59, 4:19 1:56, 4:19 1:58 and 4:15 2:01 walking cool down 400. Give or take a few secs since I do not have my Garmin in front of me. Wednesday morning I took a few extra secs to get out of bed and into the shower. last night was my first swim w/Team Strive and Coach Tommy and Coach Steve, it was an experience I spent about 50 mins in the pool trying to work on head and body position, learning to swim correctly at 33 SUX. But I have signed up for this mission and I will learn to swim no matter what it takes.

I am headed to Austin tomorrow for a long weekend. I hope to stop at the Austin tri on Monday morning and catch up with some friends racing. Good Luck Team Strive.

Hope to see you on the roads!