Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I bough some new shoes (Mizuno's) last week and so far they are feeling great. I have been very faithful to Asics since I started running but I felt it was time for change. So far they have made feet feel loved through 2 track workouts, a few shorts runs and an 11 miler. I think they are here to stay, so thank you Asics I will always love you but you have been replaced at least for now!

Track work out was awesome. Temps were cooler and a light rain kept me cool. 1.8 w/u. 6 X 800 w/2.00 rest. 1 (800) 4.33, 2 (800) 4.33, 3 (800) 4.24, 4 (800) 4.25, 5 (800) 4.25 and 6 (800) 4.19 and finally a walking .5 c/d.

Hope to see you on the roads.


Marlene said...

Hope you enjoy those new shoes.

Nice track workout - quick on the last interval!

Adrienne said...

My sister just got that same pair and is in love with them as well. I currently do Adidas and Brooks, but 'Zuno's rock as well!

Enjoy it out there!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

I've always had a struggle to find shoes... hope these shoes work out for ya!