Friday, October 30, 2009

Why give up?

After completing my very first tri a couple of weeks ago it reminds me how fortunate I am to be healthy and active. Last night I had the opportunity to attend a seminar at Luke's Locker with Team Strive. Chris and Denise Arthey spoke to us and told us their story from last year when they were hit by a drunk driver while on their motorcycles on their way to Corpus Christi Texas. Both very active and athletic, Chris a sub 3-3:15 marathoner both now have prosthetic left legs. It was very touching to hear how they first of all survived this horrific crash (a head on collision with a combined speed of 135 miles an hour)and how they deal with everyday life. It has been a year of pain and multiple surgeries for the both of them, but they live each day in the moment. It made me realize that some days all I want to do is sit on the couch.. and that's ok, but why give up? Training is not always easy, there are aches and pains, there will be cold, rain and heat, you will get sick and run down. There are days that you will have to rest and you need to listen to your body. So I will ask myself is it really painful, am I sick or do I want to just skip my workout? Listen to your body, but don't ever give up. Chris will be receiving his running leg in a few weeks. We see Chris and Denise at Starbucks every few weeks on our Saturday morning runs, I hope one day he will be running with us.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am Recovering

Since last Sunday I have not done a whole in my training, but taking some time to recover. Monday after I got home from work I stayed in my recliner until I went to bed. Tuesday I felt great so I laced up and went to the track for an easy 3 miles. Wednesday was a different story, I felt tired again and a little under the weather so after conversing with the girls I decided to get in my recliner again and rest. I am thinking that was a great idea, because today I feel much better. I am hoping the rain clears so I can get in an easy bike ride this afternoon- after I change the flat on my bike.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Try Andy's Tri

So first off I will say I suck at writing race reports, but here it goes. Up at 3:45am Sunday morning nervously get dressed, bathroom x 2, load bike and transition bag. I am pretty much quiet the whole way down other than the 5000 questions I have to answer that mom shoots out. I think she finally got the hint that I could not answer anymore questions when I finally blurted out I JUST DON'T KNOW. We arrived with plenty of time for me to get my bike and transition area set up. I took my time and visited with other athletes that were racked next to me. Then it was just wait and think about getting into the water and having to swim. I met up with Gena, so she talked me through what was going to happen and what to do, I was cold oh yeah did I mention it was 50 degrees and the water was 72, they actually made the race wet suit legal the day before the race. Only a few ppl were a wet suit, like me most were beginners and did not have a wet suit. About 7:15 we walked over to the swim start and off they went wave by wave. I ran into Jenny Miller, Viv and Andrew, we all talked and I tried to take my mind off of my swim coming up very quickly. When I got in the water I could not touch so I tread water (not expecting that). I tried to get away from the other ladies so I would have my own swim space. Then the gun went off, bodies were flapping in the water, I stuck my face in and took a few storkes and nope, was not happening. So I swam most of the 300 with my head out of water, I got grabbed and swam on a couple of times causing a little bit of panic so I flipped on my back twice for comfort. Finally before i knew it I am being helped out of the water. (Swim 8:34.2) I run by and hear Gena's voice "ok now have fun". I am running to transition thinking OMG I am so tired, when I got to transition I ran down the wrong rack and here Jenny yell at me to come over there. (Thanks Jenny for steering me in the right direction). Grab my bike, helmet put on shoes and I a out of there, oops I jumped on my bike before the line (2:42.3 T1). Bike went well I passed 7-8 ppl, that was a cool feeling. The bike had a few over passes and some light head wind but I felt like I was riding good considering I was on my HEAVY mountain bike (38:35.4). When I came in I jumped off my bike early than I thought I needed to so I did not get yelled at again, ran into transition took off helmet, grab visor and race belt and off again (1:04 T2). By the time I get out of transition I feel like I have my legs back (for the most part)before I know it I am at mile 1 grab some water. I thought to myself don't stop running, just stay focused this is the easy part, this is what you know. I felt great a Little soreness in my legs but I know it is just a little fatigue and then I hear bagpipes so I know I am less that 1/2 a mile from the finish. I ran steady and then I can see is 100 yards away, I can here ppl cheering. I cross the finish line and get my medal. I did it. (30:32 run) Total time was 1:21:29. Time for a new bike. Will I do this again? HELL YEAH!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 sleeps until Try-Andys-Tri

Well there are three more sleeps until my triathlon debut. Last night I had a great swim (what I call great). Started out with a warm up and some drills and then finished off with intervals. I have not mastered mt form and body position but my endurance gets better each time I get in the pool. Last night I was actually excited when I got out of the pool. Tonight I have a brick w/o.. 30 min bike ride and 10 min run and will run through transition. Friday I will make the hour drive to pick up my packet in Sugarland, run a few errands and then rest my legs. My race report will be here next week.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A washout at track

I am so tired of the rain, heat and humidity and I am so done with bitching about it. Last night as I left for a track workout the sun was bright in the sky, I then drove about 5 miles to the track where it was gray and gloomy. As soon as I got out of the car to start my warm up it started to rain heavily, I decided (more like hoped) it would quickly pass (and I do like running in the rain)so I began my warm up, it was raining so hard that the drops pierced my skin. I finished my warm up and began a light w/o 4 X 400. After 2 x 400 my track work out was called off because major thunder and lightening. Big bummer. Today there is only 30% chance of rain but it has been raining off and on since at least 6:15 am when I left my house for the drive to work. Rain is good but when it makes me miss swims and runs it starts to piss me off. Hello rain I have a few more important workouts to complete before Sunday (at least it will make me feel better to get them in).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Running in the rain

Once again the weather was crappy here and it rained all day long, I had a 4 mile run or a cross training day to choose from. Normally on Mondays I swim but with the weather and the fact that I swim in an outdoor pool, I opted to run. The weather had lightened to a sprinkle so I decided I would head out before more thunderstorms came in. I did not make it 1/2 a mile and the heavens opened up again, very quickly I thought to myself head home or keep running. Then I remembered how much fun it was to play in the rain as a child so I ran. We have great paths around my house to run on they are mostly black topped and easy on the knees, but not until today did I notice elevation changes. At times I waded through puddles that catfish would have a party in. Thank god I thought to bring a chamois to wipe out my eyes, because it was quit difficult to see. I cut the run a little bit short and made it 3.5 miles because me shoes were squishy squashy and my clothes were stuck to me. All in all it was a great run the rain was cool and it was fun to act like a kid again. Two lessons learned were to wear old shoes and to wear my visor the next time I plan an adventure in the rain.

5 More sleeps until Tri-Andy's-Tri.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ten For Texas

Saturday morning I got up at 5am to get ready for my "training run" at Ten for Texas. It thankfully was a nice and cool morning about 57 degrees. I pulled into the parking garage at Market Street (about 6:15) at the same time as Coach Kim, Greg and Gena, Molly and Kim. It was great to see my coach and fellow Team Strivers so early. As we walked up to the movie theater where we decided to hook up everyone started coming from everywhere. At about 7:10 we went on our warm up for about 10-15 mins and then headed to the start line. The gun went off at 7:30 and approximately 1900 runners were off. I used this event for as a training run instead of as a race. I ran with Lynn and Vickie which was fun I pretty much listen as they chatted answering when questioned (I am not a big big talked when I run). My main focus was to keep the heart rate low and enjoy the nice cool weather. I was able to maintain a high 2 to low 3 hrt thought the entire race. Another goal I had was to run in less that 2 hours, which is a big improvement compared to 1-1/2 yrs ago. My time was 1:56:32 so both goals were reach. Here is a photo of me having fun at the Mile 9 water station.

And a finishing photo. I should remember to wait until after I finish crossing the finish line to hit the Garmin. Most race photos I am looking down:(!

Afterward they had a great post party with food from Taco Cabana, Panera Bread and Chick-fila. The best part was the FREE ICE COLD BEER.

So now the focus is Tri-Andys-Tri coming up in 6 more sleeps. This week I will begin to tapper and prep for my first tri. I am trying not think about it to much cause it makes me feel like I need to poop. Seriously, this used to happen to me the week before a run only race, I finally got over that after a few half/marathons. You would think I would be over it, I mean its just a race right. I have so many emotions right now scared but excited for my new adventure seem to stand out the most.

The weather has been sucking these last 2 weeks so it has hampered swims and bike rides. But this week I will have to fight the weather and get a few miles on the bike and a few yards in the pool despite the weather.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A tapered track workout

This week is a taper week before Ten for Texas on Saturday. And though I am tapering I am pushing a little harder because I am not "racing Ten for Texas". At the advice of Coach K I am taking it easy and will enjoy the nice weather and (my advice) the cold beer after the race. As most of you know from previous posts my first tri is on October 18th and Coach wants me to be well rested since I have never raced the three in one. Swimming is getting better, defiantly not great but much better (everyone keeps telling me it takes time). Monday night I noticed I am gaining endurance in the pool and feeling more relaxed in my breathing. Last night the track workout was 1 mile at goal race pace, since I am not racing I pushed harder and ran 1 mile at 8:39. Then we had 4 X 400 at race pace. I ran 1:59, 1:55, 2:02 and 1:45.

I broke down and signed up for another tri this morning. April 24th Lonestar Sprint.

4 days until 10 for Texas
12 days until Try Andy's Tri
13 days+ until I decide if I will do another tri. (Since I am already signed up for Lonestar Sprint, I am guessing what the decision will be). After this decision is made I will decide on a new bike.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Still here

I am still here just been busy and have not had the time to blog. Nothing to major or exciting to blog about, just training and anticipating the up coming tri. I have been swimming twice a week and have improved my 300 by 30 secs in the past week. Last week I went to a friends house and practiced transition, now if I could only get in a brick workout. Saturday I am running 10 for Texas, not racing just running for fun. It is a great local race in The Woodlands that I have managed to miss the past two years due to travel and other races.

I will send in a race report of 10 For Texas on Monday.

Hope to see you on the roads!