Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A tapered track workout

This week is a taper week before Ten for Texas on Saturday. And though I am tapering I am pushing a little harder because I am not "racing Ten for Texas". At the advice of Coach K I am taking it easy and will enjoy the nice weather and (my advice) the cold beer after the race. As most of you know from previous posts my first tri is on October 18th and Coach wants me to be well rested since I have never raced the three in one. Swimming is getting better, defiantly not great but much better (everyone keeps telling me it takes time). Monday night I noticed I am gaining endurance in the pool and feeling more relaxed in my breathing. Last night the track workout was 1 mile at goal race pace, since I am not racing I pushed harder and ran 1 mile at 8:39. Then we had 4 X 400 at race pace. I ran 1:59, 1:55, 2:02 and 1:45.

I broke down and signed up for another tri this morning. April 24th Lonestar Sprint.

4 days until 10 for Texas
12 days until Try Andy's Tri
13 days+ until I decide if I will do another tri. (Since I am already signed up for Lonestar Sprint, I am guessing what the decision will be). After this decision is made I will decide on a new bike.

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Diana said...

It's truly exhilarating to do all three things on one day, you will and I guarantee it will sign up for more! While I have KB's on my mind for now-you can rest assured the feeling of a tri never goes away!