Monday, October 12, 2009

Ten For Texas

Saturday morning I got up at 5am to get ready for my "training run" at Ten for Texas. It thankfully was a nice and cool morning about 57 degrees. I pulled into the parking garage at Market Street (about 6:15) at the same time as Coach Kim, Greg and Gena, Molly and Kim. It was great to see my coach and fellow Team Strivers so early. As we walked up to the movie theater where we decided to hook up everyone started coming from everywhere. At about 7:10 we went on our warm up for about 10-15 mins and then headed to the start line. The gun went off at 7:30 and approximately 1900 runners were off. I used this event for as a training run instead of as a race. I ran with Lynn and Vickie which was fun I pretty much listen as they chatted answering when questioned (I am not a big big talked when I run). My main focus was to keep the heart rate low and enjoy the nice cool weather. I was able to maintain a high 2 to low 3 hrt thought the entire race. Another goal I had was to run in less that 2 hours, which is a big improvement compared to 1-1/2 yrs ago. My time was 1:56:32 so both goals were reach. Here is a photo of me having fun at the Mile 9 water station.

And a finishing photo. I should remember to wait until after I finish crossing the finish line to hit the Garmin. Most race photos I am looking down:(!

Afterward they had a great post party with food from Taco Cabana, Panera Bread and Chick-fila. The best part was the FREE ICE COLD BEER.

So now the focus is Tri-Andys-Tri coming up in 6 more sleeps. This week I will begin to tapper and prep for my first tri. I am trying not think about it to much cause it makes me feel like I need to poop. Seriously, this used to happen to me the week before a run only race, I finally got over that after a few half/marathons. You would think I would be over it, I mean its just a race right. I have so many emotions right now scared but excited for my new adventure seem to stand out the most.

The weather has been sucking these last 2 weeks so it has hampered swims and bike rides. But this week I will have to fight the weather and get a few miles on the bike and a few yards in the pool despite the weather.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!


Adrienne said...

Good luck on the Tri and Congrats on your run. That finish pic is intense!! :)

Diana said...

You'll do just fine on the tri!! But it's still nerve wracking to say the least, the damn waiting game. Even before "my" 1/2 marathon last week I did alone, I was still just as nervous as if it was that I was running with 10,000 others!
Nice pics on the race!

Richard said...

Good job, Misty, and good luck next weekend at Andy's.
BTW, I count 3 seconds after crossing the start line before starting my Garmin and then 3 seconds after crossing the finish line before stopping it---it helps with those finishing photos and is still right on the mark.