Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tri Season has began

My first day of tri-season started yesterday with a swim. I met up with Jenny at the pool for a non-coached swim. We had for warm up 100 swim, 100 kick, 100 pool, 100 swim. W/o was 3 x 100 10" rest 1 min. 3 X 100 10" rest 1 min and 3 X 100 (we added one more by mistake) cool down was 300. 1600 done in about 40 mins which is really good for me. It was a good swim very relaxed and with a great swim partner. Tonight I have a 3 mile easy run then dinner at Barryhill with Team Strive.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chevron Houston Marathon 2010

When I started my journey I began with training for the Chevron Houston Half Marathon 2008, it would be my first race in a very long time. I join Woodlands Fit in July of 2007 because I was a couch potato, out of shape, a smoker, no hobbies (other than drinking beer), married but alone on weekends because my husband had a life. I remember the first Saturday morning run, when I could not finish a mile without walking and being in pain. After meeting great coaches and friends that summer I accomplished 13.1 in January 2007. After my the first half marathon there was a little bit of harassment about when would I double that, of coarse my answer was NEVER. But I was hooked . Without boring you through two years of racing I will say, NEVER say NEVER.

Sunday I ran my 5th marathon, I won't say it was my favorite marathon I have run but it rates high with Sunmart. I meet up with my Kathleen to drive down to Houston at 5:15 we were parked and in the GRB by about 6am. Got our stuff together, used the bathroom, checked our drop bags, visited with teammates, then headed to the start line. I was in the slower wave (2) and it started at 7:10. Kathleen and I ran together until about mile six where we got separated, it was very crowded until we got to the turn around for the half marathon. At mile 7ish I saw some of my teammates that came out to support us. At this point I put on my pace band that I had picked up from the expo. I did not want anyone to know exactly what my expectations were for the race in case I did not accomplish it. I saw a few co-works out on the coarse ( mile 19 i think) that came out to support after completing the half marathon. Ron ran with me for a bit and gave me some encouragement. At this point some of the pain was setting in and I was tired. For about the 17 miles I was on pace for a 4:30 finish I was able to walk very minimally, but after mile 20 I found my self needing to walk about every 1/2 mile. So my pace started to fall. At mile 24 I saw coach Kim who ran by me and told me I could do this- I started to tear up and said ok. At mile 25 fighting back tears I can see a man running by me on the sidewalk I look over and it is my husband. I smile and he tells me how strong I look and to keep running. I run towards the finish but I hurt to much to sprint so I ran as hard as I could, I crossed the finish in 4:37:58. Knocked 31:18 off my previous PR. What a day. I picked the 4:30 pace band because I know if I could come close to this it would be a dream come true. I did it.

I am recovering well, I had a great post massage on Monday, each day my quads are getting loser. I have an easy swim scheduled for tonight. First run will be Saturday.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that support me in my efforts. Thank you.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Marathon Count Down

Chevron Houston Marathon is 9 sleeps away. I am hoping to finally break 5 hours. Something at about mile 20 always kills me, my mind starts to doubt, my legs start to cramp, and my feet start aching from blisters. I am hoping that January 17th is my day to finally preserver and jump this hurdle. Tomorrow is my last long run before the marathon and then it will be an easy week- Yeah! I don't think I have enough clothes to wear tomorrow morning being that it will be about 18 degrees when we head out, this is Houston people we don't get this kind of weather very often- I think it was 1996 the last time we had weather this cold.

Thanks Jason from DryMax for my package! These will be on my feet for the marathon.

Hope to see you on the roads! Good luck to everyone racing Disney and any other races this weekend!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Alll I Want For Chistmas Is............

A really fast bike..... I have the greatest hubby ever, he bought me my beautiful red shiny bike. Much to my surprise, because 2 days before Christmas I was upset that I would have no surprises- he got me good.
My holidays were great, I was luckily off from 12/22/09- today (my first day back @ work and all kinds of issues) but hey that's what you get for a great vacation. I cannot possible remember all that happened these past two weeks but they were great.
My brother and sister in law were in town for a month so I spent lots of time with them. Christmas as you can see by my photos were great. New Years was spent with great friends. Yesterday I took my first bike ride on 2010 with clip less pedals(my first) it went ok once I got the take off under control. Although my right leg is very bruised and the knee is skinned from the 4 spills I took. Put my first scratch on the new shinny bike. Thanks to my girl Gena for taking me on my first bike ride and teaching how to ride a tri bike.
Hope to see you on the roads soon!!! happy New Year everybody!