Monday, January 4, 2010

Alll I Want For Chistmas Is............

A really fast bike..... I have the greatest hubby ever, he bought me my beautiful red shiny bike. Much to my surprise, because 2 days before Christmas I was upset that I would have no surprises- he got me good.
My holidays were great, I was luckily off from 12/22/09- today (my first day back @ work and all kinds of issues) but hey that's what you get for a great vacation. I cannot possible remember all that happened these past two weeks but they were great.
My brother and sister in law were in town for a month so I spent lots of time with them. Christmas as you can see by my photos were great. New Years was spent with great friends. Yesterday I took my first bike ride on 2010 with clip less pedals(my first) it went ok once I got the take off under control. Although my right leg is very bruised and the knee is skinned from the 4 spills I took. Put my first scratch on the new shinny bike. Thanks to my girl Gena for taking me on my first bike ride and teaching how to ride a tri bike.
Hope to see you on the roads soon!!! happy New Year everybody!

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Diana said...

Very nice bike! Totally jealous! I need to save some cash and get me a fast bike. But then what to do with poor "Fred"!!!
Sounds like your holidays were awesome and what a nice break from work for a few weeks!
Happy New Year!