Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DryMax Socks

I love race expo's, I love to walk around and see all the vendors' and all the new stuff I have not seen. Several years ago it was Bondi Band- I bought several and I still use from time to time today. Then there was the wooden medal holder that I saw and purchased at Little Rock half marathon expo, that is completely full, leaving me to wonder what I will use for 2010 season. This year in Dallas the first booth that I passed that drew me back was the Drymax Socks booth. I see a guy with socks playing with them in a bowl of water, so I thought to myself this is something I have got to see. He rolled and dipped the socks in the water and then he told me that he was going to press then down on a dry paper towel and the towel would stay dry. Well as I am thinking that is the biggest piece of BS I have ever heard, he touched the sock to the paper towel and not even a drop of water was there. I let him go through his sales pitch about how these socks prevent blisters more than any sock out on the market, blah blah blah. He told me that they were normally $10 a pair but at the expo if you bought 3 pair it would be $20, So when he finally quit talking I said sold. Little did he know he had as soon as he put the socks in a bowl of water. You see I am the blister queen, I put Vaseline on my feet to run 3 miles, because if I don't I get a blister- I don't know why since I also use the proper anti-moister socks, some of my previous posts have described the ugly,awful blisters I have earned running over the past couple of years. So back to the Drymax, I have used these sock twice on my runs since Dallas h/m once for an easy 4 miles and last Sunday on my 20 miler and guess what no Vaseline (cause the directions say not to use it, and NO blisters. This is the first time ever that I have run over 10 miles without at least a hot spot or blister and my feet stayed dry. I will never buy another sock other than these. Thank you whoever you were for dipping those socks into the bowl of water as I strolled by your booth. Check them out at www.drymaxsocks.com

Merry Christmas All

I hope to see you on the roads soon!


Christina said...

Yeah for no blisters. I love buying new socks...actually I love buying running stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening and trying our socks- Drymax Guy from Expo

TX Runner Mom said...

Good to know! I am prone to blisters in my arches, so I will have to check these out!

chris mcpeake said...

Can never have to many good socks.
good luck in 2010