Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yesterday I was feeling very low, about as low as I have felt in the last three years since I started training for half marathon, marathons and now triathlons. Yes I love training and yes I love the sport, there are just so many small scarifies. I have missed out on family dinners and outings, Logan's golf tournaments, various birthdays, going away parties only to name a few. I have not cleaned my own house in months, I have not been to the grocery store in at least a month. So by yesterday it all hit me, I was feeling like the worst wife, daughter, granddaughter and friend. Feeling this way I called up a friend because I know from conversations with her that she too has felt like this at times. She assured me that this was normal to feel like this and that this was only temporary. Thank you my friend for making me feel better.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A weekend of workouts amd a little bit of fun

As the days tick by and Iron Star gets closer and closer I feel crazy about missing a workout. This weekend was a very productive weekend for me, after feeling ill last week coach decided to reduce my 14 mile run to 10 miles on Friday night, although a little warm and muggy I was able to finish with a 10:50 avg pace. After our group run we headed to Nit Noi for yummy Thai food and a cold beer. Saturday morning several of us headed out for an open water swim at Lake Windcrest, this was the first time I swam across the lake and back. Saturday the wind was blowing hard and made the swim over pretty rough, I started doubting myself and thinking I was stupid for thinking I could do the swim in my upcoming race. Once I got to the other side I took a few deep breaths and reminded myself I can do this and started swimming back, by the time I got back I had worked on the head case I created and now know I will make the Iron Star 1.2 mile swim. Sunday morning about 15 of us headed out to Montgomery to ride most of the Iron Star coarse the weather was warm and muggy and we had alot of wind but I felt good coming off the 50 mile bike ride and was able to maintain a 16.8 mph avg. This bike coarse is quit hilly for south Texas and I found myself fighting the wind and the hills. But again I feel confident going into my upcoming race.

As far as the fun Saturday night Big John had a hog roast to celebrate his accomplishments in Kona earlier this month and also to celebrate friends, family and teammates on all upcoming and past races. Thanks to Big John for a great time and fellowship. Sunday afternoon we watched the seniors golf tournament that was in our back yard, great time with friends and neighbors. Congrats to Fred Couples who ended up shooting 29 on the back 9 and coming away with a huge win.

Weight watchers update finally (last Friday) in week 20 I met my goal weight down a total of 18.2 pounds, now its time to maintain it.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stomach bug not appreciated

This week I was attacked by the stomach bug and it was very unappreciated. 2 days of well you know, along with major cramping and not being able to enjoy food majorly cramped my training. I missed my track workout on Tuesday plus a run and a swim on Wednesday.. Boo. Don't you know I have 70.3 in just over a month! I have high hopes of an hour on the bike tonight and hopefully a swim and a bike ride tomorrow.

Saturday will kick off a weekend of great races for myself and many of my friends and teammates. Saturday for myself and many others will be 10 for Texas, which is a great 10 mile run in The Woodlands, the weather is to die for right and I cannot wait to do this race again. Also on Saturday my friend and teammate will be doing Ironman Kona, Big John you will do great my thoughts will be with you all day long. On Sunday many of my friends from the Woodlands Running Club will be in Chicago running the marathon. Good luck to all racing in these races and any others where ever they may be!

Hope to see you on the roads soon.

Monday, October 4, 2010

5 week count down

In five shorts weeks I will be participating in Ironstar 70.3, this will be my first half iron distance and as it gets closer the training becomes a little more intense. I started my triathlon journey one year ago, when "running" just wasn't enough. After completing several half marathon a few full marathons and 2 ultra marathons I wondered what next. I had been training at the track with Kim Hager and many triathletes (team sTRIve) and many times would hear, so when are you going to do a triathlon? My answer was NEVER, see I was completely terrified of getting in the water with a bunch of crazy women all trying to drown me, as so I thought. After many months of hearing stories of how these people traveled together and trained together constantly I thought I would give it a try. I signed up Try Andy's Tri and did my first Sprint triathlon on October 18, 2009. Since then I have done 3 sprints and 1 Oly, after doing my first Oly in Austin over Labor Day weekend I came home and after talking to my Coach (Gena) I signed up for Ironstar. Since Labor day my bike rides have increased from 25-30 miles for long rides to 50-60+ miles usually ridden on Sunday mornings with my awesome teammates. Some rides rock some rides suck, but I know in the end it will get me to the finish. If I didn't have training partners I would never get the finish on my own. Yesterday's ride was a tough one, it was windy, I felt lost for what seemed to be an eternity on a bumpy road, my ciatic (sp?) nerve hurt for about 30 miles and I really felt I would not be able to run off the bike. When I got in I told Gena what was going on so she pushed on the nerve and told me to run for 20 mins. When I started running the pain seemed to go away and I looked down to see I was running a sub 10 min pace. When we returned from the run we had run 2 miles at a 9.48 pace. And I felt like I could have run 2 more miles. Lesson learned, even the crappy rides aren't so bad. I also remember how much the words Team sTRIve mean to me. Thank you to my teammates that always seem to help me push through the good and the bad.

Friday 10 mile run
Saturday 5K breast cancer walk
Sunday 62 mile bike ride + 2.1 mile run.

Hope to see you on the roads soon.