Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stomach bug not appreciated

This week I was attacked by the stomach bug and it was very unappreciated. 2 days of well you know, along with major cramping and not being able to enjoy food majorly cramped my training. I missed my track workout on Tuesday plus a run and a swim on Wednesday.. Boo. Don't you know I have 70.3 in just over a month! I have high hopes of an hour on the bike tonight and hopefully a swim and a bike ride tomorrow.

Saturday will kick off a weekend of great races for myself and many of my friends and teammates. Saturday for myself and many others will be 10 for Texas, which is a great 10 mile run in The Woodlands, the weather is to die for right and I cannot wait to do this race again. Also on Saturday my friend and teammate will be doing Ironman Kona, Big John you will do great my thoughts will be with you all day long. On Sunday many of my friends from the Woodlands Running Club will be in Chicago running the marathon. Good luck to all racing in these races and any others where ever they may be!

Hope to see you on the roads soon.

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Diana said...

Better to get the stomach bug now than in 4 weeks from now?!

Good luck with the 10 for TX!