Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday.. Monday

Wednesday night we went to a farewell party for a friend of mine that I have worked with since I was nineteen. She is moving to her bay house near Corpus Christi so a bunch of us got together for some drinks and laughs. Thursday I passed on the morning run with the girls with all intentions of running in the pm but I worked late and was so tired so I skipped my run on Thursday.

Saturday morning we had the time trials at the Barbra Bush race to see determine which pace group everyone should be running with this fall. After that I went to my picnic at Splashtown. Yes my nightmare is over, it was fun but I am glad it is over. Sunday morning up at 6:00 to go meet up with some of TWRC members to run. Susan and I ran 7.25.

Monday morning ran 3.5 with Najat, Lauren, Donna and Susan.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Track Night

Last night at the track was great. I did a warm up mile 11:09 pace.. Then Bill had us do 4 -6 400's with a 200 recovery. Bill asked that I work at staying around 2:20-2:30 so I did! 1st 2:23 2nd 2:23 3rd 2:22 4th 2:23 5th 2:20 and 6th 2:20 after that a 1/2 mile cool down. So all in all I got 4 miles in at an 11:15 average pace. No core! I can not make myself do core- I do not know why cause lord knows I need it. But I hate core!

I really want to start upping my mileage cause I am only doing between 15-20 miles a week. I would like to at least be running 30 and I am wondering when is it going to be comfortable enough temp wise to do this. Last night I was talking to Bill and he said he thinks I need to be running like a hundred miles a week. Now I know he was stretching just a bit or allot but I though it was funny cause I was going to ask for his suggestion for how I should go about doing this.

Monday, June 23, 2008

June 19th-June 23rd

I should have mentioned the other day in my blog that my brother's birthday was last Tuesday June 17th. He is now in his last year of his 20's and I think to myself where have the years gone. He was a pain in my butt until he went off to collage and now that he lives so far away it is amazing how the years go by and how he has grown up to be such a wonderful man. He is out in California now so I do not get to see him as often as I like- other than a few visits he has made with his wife and then we went to visit him last September for his wedding. My husband and I are going to visit him in July for a week so I am looking forward to that. Here is a picture of my baby brother (Kris) and his wife Andrea..

OK so back to my training and other stuff that I will tell you.

On Thursday I meet up with some of the "runner girls" for an easy 40 minute run. I meet up with Judi, Robin and Robin's daughter at Town Green Park and we headed out our usual route down Lake Woodlands to E. Panther Creek and then came back about 3.2 miles. After a short visit with the girls we left and I headed home to rest.

Friday I decided to take the day off and met up with some of my girl friends from work for a day by the pool. We met up about 11'ish and ate a lite lunch a drank a Margarita and headed to the pool. Sometimes you just need these days of girl talk and nice weather. We headed home around 6ish because the rain was coming in. After a shower we headed to Market Street for dinner and drinks.

Saturday morning up at 6am to get ready for the 3rd week of WF. I ran the 6.4 option route. Very hot run and difficult leave was pretty high- but again my fault for the drinks I had with dinner the night before. After we were finished me, Bill Dwyer, Debbie Tripp, George Roth and William went to Berry Hill for breakfast. We stayed and chatted for a while about various things. Saturday I rent a movie and just chilled at the house.

Sunday morning my mom called and invited me over for lunch did I mention her boyfriend is a great cook. So after I watched my second movie (P.S. I love you) that I had rented the night before I headed over to her house. If you want to see a girly movie defiantly rent this.. But be prepared to cry the whole movie. Anyway at my moms we had grilled fish, red beans and rice & bread pudding.. Very yummy. My mom is such a sweetie. My husband was out of town on a fishing trip from Thursday until last night and everyday she called for me to come over so I would not be alone. Actually it was nice to be alone for a change.. I get to do what I want when I want.. 9th Random thing about me... I used to be scared to death to stay by myself. Funny thing huh.

Monday morning got up at 5:30am to meet Donna, Susan, Najat and Lauren for a run at Town Green Park. Nice cool and breezy if you can call Houston in June cool and breezy jog down Lake Woodlands and back about 3.2 miles give or take.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday Track

Last night at track was a great workout. Simple warm up.. No drills.. 8 X 300's with 100 recovery. We had a small group so Bill got join in for a few 100's or so. He would pick us up and run a 100 and then wait for his next victim j/k. I guess it was my 3rd 300 that he ran the last 100 with me. I picked up the pace and so did Bill- wow he is fast! Some of my runner girls were there Althea, Judi and Donna. Donna brought more tomato's for us from her garden. Molly stopped by after a long day at work to say hi and talk to Bill. Viv was there and Bill told us that she joined Kim's tri group, wow I think you are a machine Viv. Way to go! When I got home I pigged out on ribs and baked potato and my husband and I watched The Bucket list and kept up with the Celtics and Lakers game. The game was really exciting if you wanted the Lakers to loose- which I did. And if you have not seen The Bucket List it is a must and I will say it is defiantly worth owning.

Monday, June 16, 2008

June 13th- 16th

So I have taken it a little easy on the workouts the last few days. Thursday night I was so exhausted when I got home that I decided to neglecte my run and relaxe in my recliner. Friday morning I woke up and went to my Pliates class and then to work. Work was good had lunch with some of my girl friends and then went to Lowe's to buy my daddy a gift card for father's day. Saturday morning went up to Luke's for WF fall program training, it was an easy coarse just out and back with several turn around options for all running groups. I chose the 5.28 option, on my way back I ran into my co-worker Ron on the trains so he turned around a block early and ran back towards North Shore park with me. Run was nice everyone finished up great, we even had a few more entries. I am thinking this group is going to be quite big for our first season of the fall program. After the run I visited with some of the girls and then home to get ready to go to Kingwood. We went out to my dad's in for a late lunch we ate at Manuel's yum yum is all I can say. After lunch I got in the pool and my dad and Logan cut frons off of the 15 ft palm tree in my dads back yard, after that they got in the pool for a swim too. Later that night (much later) we joined our cousins for the midnight showing of "Rocky Horror Picture Show". This was the first time I have been to the River Oaks movie theater to see this. It was so crazy with the people acting out the show on stage plus all of the people in the audiance were yalling and throwing paper and other things. We had a blast! But a very late night for me. Sunday we woke up and had breakfest with my mom and Steve, went home cleaned house and watched NASCAR (love it) and finally Dale Jr. gets his win. The best race I have seen in I can not say when. He had just enough gas to finish the race when a caution comes out with 3 laps to go, so for 5 laps he coasts around the track before the restart. Thank god he is the driver that he is and he was able to save enough gas to pull out the win. So he runs out of gas as he crosses the finish line and gets pushed back to the pits. No gas left for his burnout and victory lap. Go 88!!
Sunday evening we went to my father-in-laws for his father's day and grilled out and watch the golf tournement. All in all it was a wonderful and very eventful weekend.

So tonight I will run!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Monday was a long day at work.. I am a member of the Smith International Employee Association and we are gearing up for our annual picnic. This year it is at Splashtown Waterpark and along with all the planning we do to pick a venue, the menu that will be served, door prizes and many others items, we are also responsible for getting employees their tickets. Every year we go through and rack our brains to try and figure out a way that our company does not get cheated by those who do not understand what it means when the picnic is for the employee and their immediate family. Today was the first day for ticket pick up and some of the stories that people come up with and their 12 kids they have (really we don't know who these people are bringing). Well I could think of for the hour I sat through this "headache" all I could think of is meeting up with my "runner girls" for a run. So Monday night I meet up with Donna, Judi and Susan for an easy but hot 35min run from Town Green Park. We talked about our first meeting for WF fall program that got started on Saturday, comparing stories about our first training run on our journey to San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon/Half Marathon. Every now and then we had a nice breeze but them that seem to go away as quickly as it came. After the run we sat on the bench and talked about what was going on with our families and such. The cops that patrol the waterway rode by and said hello and wanted to know "how far we ran today" so we decided just to tell them that we ran for 35 minutes rather than tell them it was not quit 3 miles. Like I mentioned before it was an easy but hot run. Home, dinner, shower and sleep!

Tuesday work was much easier, I do not have to worry about ticket pick ups again until Friday ugh.. Tuesday night track work out was great. We have tapered down a little bit because of the heat 4-6 300's with 100 recovery. 1 mile easy warm up. Then I ran with Molly after 3 of the 300's we discussed if we really thought we could do all 6. After 5 300's Molly said we can do it.. So we did. Thank God for Molly I probably would have cheated myself out of the last one.

Wednesday I met my mom, Steve and my girl Leontine for a couple of drinks after work. My Friend Leontine had been out of the country so I was glad to see her back. But I am regretting the $2 Dos XX's drafts.

And today I got great news, my mom had a biopsy done last Friday on some polyps they found in her esophagus so I was concern but all tests came back negative for cancer.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Great week

Woodlands Fit fall program started yesterday and we had an awesome turn out. Kim and Bill had a bet about how many people would turn out to the first training and orientation and Bill won. We had 69 runners turn out it was amazing. There were some new faces and alot of returning friends I had not seen in a long time. Since I am the pace leader for the red full marathon we had a 5.74 route around the Millbend loop. It was a nice run everybody looked great and finished strong. After our run Kim lead the group through a nice core workout. I came home and took a nice nap in my recliner as the heat really got to me yesterday- I can't wait until I get used to it again.. If that is possible.

Today I met up with TWRC at Starbucks at Market Street for a run. I ran with Russell for a shorter version than most, we took the 6 mile option.

I will say I have been proud of myself this past week, I had been a slacker for several weeks now but I think I am out of my rut. I manage to work out every day last week. Monday ran almost 3, Tuesday ran at track, Wednesday bootcamp, Thursday ran a little more than 3, Friday Pilate's, Saturday 5.75 and Sunday 6.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Since May 20th

It has been a while and to go back to May 20th is almost impossible but I will try. Memorial weekend we went to visit friends at Mathis Lake. Went to see Randy Rodgers Band on Thursday night with the girls.

Friday morning shopping for food for the weekend. Spent Friday afternoon through Monday in the water and on the boat. Tuesday through Friday recouped at work from the time off and got lots of rest. On Saturday May 31st I got up and went to bootcamp ended up sore for about 3 days. Saturday night we went to a party at Donna and Rick's ate fajitas and drank mexican beer.

Sunday was TWRC meeting I got to visit with Bill, Molly, Kim, Anne, Debbie and others.

Monday June 2nd was brutally hot I managed to pound out an easy 2.5 miles. Tuesday June 3rd track work out, was easy compared to most but the heat was awful me, Susan, and Donna started out with 1 mile easy walk, then a couple strides. We did 8 x 200 with 200 recovery. I actually got to run a few 100's with Bill. That was alot of fun. other than.. he beat me! Wednesday morning up at 4:30 for bootcamp- I am a little sore today. Last night was the best sleep in weeks.
Woodlands Fit fall program starts on Saturday, I am looking forward to seeing my running friends that I have not seen since last season. This year I am an assitant coach for the red full marathon group. I am very excited about this new experiance in running.