Thursday, June 5, 2008

Since May 20th

It has been a while and to go back to May 20th is almost impossible but I will try. Memorial weekend we went to visit friends at Mathis Lake. Went to see Randy Rodgers Band on Thursday night with the girls.

Friday morning shopping for food for the weekend. Spent Friday afternoon through Monday in the water and on the boat. Tuesday through Friday recouped at work from the time off and got lots of rest. On Saturday May 31st I got up and went to bootcamp ended up sore for about 3 days. Saturday night we went to a party at Donna and Rick's ate fajitas and drank mexican beer.

Sunday was TWRC meeting I got to visit with Bill, Molly, Kim, Anne, Debbie and others.

Monday June 2nd was brutally hot I managed to pound out an easy 2.5 miles. Tuesday June 3rd track work out, was easy compared to most but the heat was awful me, Susan, and Donna started out with 1 mile easy walk, then a couple strides. We did 8 x 200 with 200 recovery. I actually got to run a few 100's with Bill. That was alot of fun. other than.. he beat me! Wednesday morning up at 4:30 for bootcamp- I am a little sore today. Last night was the best sleep in weeks.
Woodlands Fit fall program starts on Saturday, I am looking forward to seeing my running friends that I have not seen since last season. This year I am an assitant coach for the red full marathon group. I am very excited about this new experiance in running.

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Viv said...

Misty, so glad you cam by the blog. I really liked meeting you. You are one of those great Wdls running club peeps I talked about. LOL! You are going to be an awesom coach for the FIT group! I got you subscribed on my reader so i will be swining by :-)