Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday.. Monday

Wednesday night we went to a farewell party for a friend of mine that I have worked with since I was nineteen. She is moving to her bay house near Corpus Christi so a bunch of us got together for some drinks and laughs. Thursday I passed on the morning run with the girls with all intentions of running in the pm but I worked late and was so tired so I skipped my run on Thursday.

Saturday morning we had the time trials at the Barbra Bush race to see determine which pace group everyone should be running with this fall. After that I went to my picnic at Splashtown. Yes my nightmare is over, it was fun but I am glad it is over. Sunday morning up at 6:00 to go meet up with some of TWRC members to run. Susan and I ran 7.25.

Monday morning ran 3.5 with Najat, Lauren, Donna and Susan.

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Viv said...

Glad the Splashtown picnic was fun. Did you feel guilt about missing that run? I always feel terrible about that even though it is outta my control. If you did feel guilt I am prolly not helping,sorry. see ya tomorrow.