Thursday, June 12, 2008

Monday was a long day at work.. I am a member of the Smith International Employee Association and we are gearing up for our annual picnic. This year it is at Splashtown Waterpark and along with all the planning we do to pick a venue, the menu that will be served, door prizes and many others items, we are also responsible for getting employees their tickets. Every year we go through and rack our brains to try and figure out a way that our company does not get cheated by those who do not understand what it means when the picnic is for the employee and their immediate family. Today was the first day for ticket pick up and some of the stories that people come up with and their 12 kids they have (really we don't know who these people are bringing). Well I could think of for the hour I sat through this "headache" all I could think of is meeting up with my "runner girls" for a run. So Monday night I meet up with Donna, Judi and Susan for an easy but hot 35min run from Town Green Park. We talked about our first meeting for WF fall program that got started on Saturday, comparing stories about our first training run on our journey to San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon/Half Marathon. Every now and then we had a nice breeze but them that seem to go away as quickly as it came. After the run we sat on the bench and talked about what was going on with our families and such. The cops that patrol the waterway rode by and said hello and wanted to know "how far we ran today" so we decided just to tell them that we ran for 35 minutes rather than tell them it was not quit 3 miles. Like I mentioned before it was an easy but hot run. Home, dinner, shower and sleep!

Tuesday work was much easier, I do not have to worry about ticket pick ups again until Friday ugh.. Tuesday night track work out was great. We have tapered down a little bit because of the heat 4-6 300's with 100 recovery. 1 mile easy warm up. Then I ran with Molly after 3 of the 300's we discussed if we really thought we could do all 6. After 5 300's Molly said we can do it.. So we did. Thank God for Molly I probably would have cheated myself out of the last one.

Wednesday I met my mom, Steve and my girl Leontine for a couple of drinks after work. My Friend Leontine had been out of the country so I was glad to see her back. But I am regretting the $2 Dos XX's drafts.

And today I got great news, my mom had a biopsy done last Friday on some polyps they found in her esophagus so I was concern but all tests came back negative for cancer.

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Viv said...

The run with the girls by the waterway sounded great! WTG on the 6 300's
Great news on the negative with you Mom.