Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday Track

Last night at track was a great workout. Simple warm up.. No drills.. 8 X 300's with 100 recovery. We had a small group so Bill got join in for a few 100's or so. He would pick us up and run a 100 and then wait for his next victim j/k. I guess it was my 3rd 300 that he ran the last 100 with me. I picked up the pace and so did Bill- wow he is fast! Some of my runner girls were there Althea, Judi and Donna. Donna brought more tomato's for us from her garden. Molly stopped by after a long day at work to say hi and talk to Bill. Viv was there and Bill told us that she joined Kim's tri group, wow I think you are a machine Viv. Way to go! When I got home I pigged out on ribs and baked potato and my husband and I watched The Bucket list and kept up with the Celtics and Lakers game. The game was really exciting if you wanted the Lakers to loose- which I did. And if you have not seen The Bucket List it is a must and I will say it is defiantly worth owning.


Viv said...

Yummy, ribs. I had the tomatoes Donna brought for dinner. Thanks Misty, I think you are awesome not me. I am no machine. I tried to keep up with you on a few of those 300's and could'nt.

Adding bucket list to my movie list.

agc said...

Way to go, year, you'll be in the ATP!! You are improving so fast. Glad to know that all is well with your Mom.