Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Track Night

Last night at the track was great. I did a warm up mile 11:09 pace.. Then Bill had us do 4 -6 400's with a 200 recovery. Bill asked that I work at staying around 2:20-2:30 so I did! 1st 2:23 2nd 2:23 3rd 2:22 4th 2:23 5th 2:20 and 6th 2:20 after that a 1/2 mile cool down. So all in all I got 4 miles in at an 11:15 average pace. No core! I can not make myself do core- I do not know why cause lord knows I need it. But I hate core!

I really want to start upping my mileage cause I am only doing between 15-20 miles a week. I would like to at least be running 30 and I am wondering when is it going to be comfortable enough temp wise to do this. Last night I was talking to Bill and he said he thinks I need to be running like a hundred miles a week. Now I know he was stretching just a bit or allot but I though it was funny cause I was going to ask for his suggestion for how I should go about doing this.


Bill D said...

I was kidding about the 100 per week. You need to add no more than about 10% to your total weekly mileage.A good goal is about 40 miles per week at some point this summer.

There is no good time to train in Houston in the'll just really enjoy the first 60 degree day in the fall.

Great job last fact, everybody did great last night staying in their target ranges.

Keep doing what your doing...good things will come.

I'll post something after I finish Deer Tracks. I received my last article that I was waiting on last night so hopefully I'll finish it tonight.

Viv said...

100 miles per week :-O

Way to go with the track workout. Bill asked and boy you delivered. I am sure you ran past me a few times and it looked like I was dying. I truly think I was. LOL!