Monday, June 23, 2008

June 19th-June 23rd

I should have mentioned the other day in my blog that my brother's birthday was last Tuesday June 17th. He is now in his last year of his 20's and I think to myself where have the years gone. He was a pain in my butt until he went off to collage and now that he lives so far away it is amazing how the years go by and how he has grown up to be such a wonderful man. He is out in California now so I do not get to see him as often as I like- other than a few visits he has made with his wife and then we went to visit him last September for his wedding. My husband and I are going to visit him in July for a week so I am looking forward to that. Here is a picture of my baby brother (Kris) and his wife Andrea..

OK so back to my training and other stuff that I will tell you.

On Thursday I meet up with some of the "runner girls" for an easy 40 minute run. I meet up with Judi, Robin and Robin's daughter at Town Green Park and we headed out our usual route down Lake Woodlands to E. Panther Creek and then came back about 3.2 miles. After a short visit with the girls we left and I headed home to rest.

Friday I decided to take the day off and met up with some of my girl friends from work for a day by the pool. We met up about 11'ish and ate a lite lunch a drank a Margarita and headed to the pool. Sometimes you just need these days of girl talk and nice weather. We headed home around 6ish because the rain was coming in. After a shower we headed to Market Street for dinner and drinks.

Saturday morning up at 6am to get ready for the 3rd week of WF. I ran the 6.4 option route. Very hot run and difficult leave was pretty high- but again my fault for the drinks I had with dinner the night before. After we were finished me, Bill Dwyer, Debbie Tripp, George Roth and William went to Berry Hill for breakfast. We stayed and chatted for a while about various things. Saturday I rent a movie and just chilled at the house.

Sunday morning my mom called and invited me over for lunch did I mention her boyfriend is a great cook. So after I watched my second movie (P.S. I love you) that I had rented the night before I headed over to her house. If you want to see a girly movie defiantly rent this.. But be prepared to cry the whole movie. Anyway at my moms we had grilled fish, red beans and rice & bread pudding.. Very yummy. My mom is such a sweetie. My husband was out of town on a fishing trip from Thursday until last night and everyday she called for me to come over so I would not be alone. Actually it was nice to be alone for a change.. I get to do what I want when I want.. 9th Random thing about me... I used to be scared to death to stay by myself. Funny thing huh.

Monday morning got up at 5:30am to meet Donna, Susan, Najat and Lauren for a run at Town Green Park. Nice cool and breezy if you can call Houston in June cool and breezy jog down Lake Woodlands and back about 3.2 miles give or take.

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Viv said...

Great recap. All I saw were drinks and running. What could possibly top that?!
Well, bread pudding at Mom's.
I heard that about the PS I Love You that it is a tear jerker. staying away from it like the plague. I was also of stying home alon, but after the hubby would be gone for 6 weeks at a time, I got a little braver..not much.