Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A washout at track

I am so tired of the rain, heat and humidity and I am so done with bitching about it. Last night as I left for a track workout the sun was bright in the sky, I then drove about 5 miles to the track where it was gray and gloomy. As soon as I got out of the car to start my warm up it started to rain heavily, I decided (more like hoped) it would quickly pass (and I do like running in the rain)so I began my warm up, it was raining so hard that the drops pierced my skin. I finished my warm up and began a light w/o 4 X 400. After 2 x 400 my track work out was called off because major thunder and lightening. Big bummer. Today there is only 30% chance of rain but it has been raining off and on since at least 6:15 am when I left my house for the drive to work. Rain is good but when it makes me miss swims and runs it starts to piss me off. Hello rain I have a few more important workouts to complete before Sunday (at least it will make me feel better to get them in).


Christina said...

piercing rains are the worse. glad you stopped the workout and didnt keep running in lightening.

Black Knight said...

I love to run under the rain. Perhaps the reason could be because here it is always sunny!