Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ready for Labor Day

I am so ready for labor day week end it can not get here fast enough. This week I have jumped back in to training with both feet and I have been so tired when I get home all I want is to shower and sleep. Monday it was a legs night I did a half hour of strength training then 1 hour of spin class. Tuesday a track workout w/u 1.08 miles 4 X 800w(40 sec rec) then 400 w(about 3.00 min rec). I was something like 4:26 1:59, 4:19 1:56, 4:19 1:58 and 4:15 2:01 walking cool down 400. Give or take a few secs since I do not have my Garmin in front of me. Wednesday morning I took a few extra secs to get out of bed and into the shower. last night was my first swim w/Team Strive and Coach Tommy and Coach Steve, it was an experience I spent about 50 mins in the pool trying to work on head and body position, learning to swim correctly at 33 SUX. But I have signed up for this mission and I will learn to swim no matter what it takes.

I am headed to Austin tomorrow for a long weekend. I hope to stop at the Austin tri on Monday morning and catch up with some friends racing. Good Luck Team Strive.

Hope to see you on the roads!

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Diana said...

Kudos for getting in the pool and learning to swim-no matter what the age. You're at least doing what a hell of a lot of other lazy people aren't!
Nice running! Have a great long weekend!