Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love that we are getting some cold weather in H-town but I can do without the rain. I hate damp cold. Yesterday the drive into worked sucked. Last night the weather sucked at the track and this morning again the drive into work was wet. Tomorrow we are supposed to get back into the low 70's and then I believe Sunday back into the 30's-40's. Hopefully that cold front will not include rain and clouds- yuck! Over the weekend I took it easy as far as running. Saturday I slept in and then ran errands before heading to the Marriott for my company Christmas party. Every year Smith puts on a really nice party for the employees, with scrumptious food, bad ass casino night and a fabulous band. This year we had The Mars Hill Band out of Dallas, are they were well worth the $$. Sunday it is needless to say after a party like that there was no running in the future. Sunday afternoon Logan's mom, sister, sis's man, dad and dad's better half came over for an early Christmas dinner. I was so excited Sunday when I got up and told my husband " I can not wait to have a fried bird". Then he informed me that the turkey I picked up was already cooked. OOOPPPPSSS! can we say dumb a**? This would be why I am not picked to buy the Thanksgiving or Christmas turkeys. So we smoked it on the pit for a while. Food was good and visiting with in-laws good. Monday was yuck outside and I was still lazy from Saturday night festivities still no running. Last night I did manage to make it to track all though I was almost tempted to go eat at Zio's but I was strong and made Chicken and vegetable soup instead and went to track. I did take it easy, 1 mile warm up and then 4 X 400 with 100 recovery at 11:00 min avg pace. Tonight I think I will go to Zio's. Happy Holiday's everyone and Happy Running.

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Viv said...

Busy fun weekend chickie! Glad the running is back and your taking it light.Enjoy Zio's and have a Bellini for me!