Sunday, December 7, 2008


Friday afternoon was the packet pick up for Sunmart. When I first got there I ran into Jon Walk and he pointed me where to go. So I go through the line and first I get the coolest biggest duffel bag. Sumart does a fabulous job with giveaways, I received many great items such as a shoe bag, long sleeve tech shirt, a polo shirt, a hat, and several other small items. Also included in my entry fee was a pasta dinner which was fabulous for hotel food. It defiantly beat the other pasta party I have been to and paid for (I won't mention where). So I will say that with this race you get what you pay for in entry fees and much more. After the pasta dinner and visiting with Bill and Jon I went home to pack my race bag and to get to bed early. Saturday morning I got up at 4:30 am to get ready to meet Bill up at Luke's Locker (Market Street). Bill and I were on the road by 5:38ish.. When we got to Huntsville State park at about 6:15 it was freezing, in fact I think Jon told me it was 29 degrees. Soon after we got there Robin aka Special K found us and I warmed up in her car. Soon after that Debbie and Russell got there, and before we knew it we were headed to the start line. Debbie did the first 6.7 mile loop with us which was mighty nice of her. Our second loop was 12.something. Last loop we repeated the second loop according to the map, but who knows cause the trails all looked the same- they were beautiful. We kept a slow easy pace, walked the up hills and kept a strong eye on the ground to try and avoid falling. we all had just one fall and nobody got hurt. I will say this is much easier than running a full marathon, this is such an easy slow paced run, the aid stations were fabulous fully stocked with Pepsi, mt. dew, water, Heed, all sorts of chips, bananas, peanut butter, candy and Vaseline. Robin said and I quote "Well this is the only place you will see Vaseline on the appetizer table." I hope so! Anyway we all finished strong and I know personally I felt better in this race than any other I have done thus far. I have some big ol nasty blisters.. but I am great. Last night my husband and I came home and rented (thanks to Russell and Robin's suggestion) Run Fat Boy. Hilarious movie, if you have seen it my blisters look like his only mine are on the side of my foot. But hey if that's all the pain after 31.5 miles I will take it any day!


Viv said...

Yaa Misty is a ultra chickie now too!!
Congratulations! Sounds like a great race, may have to add it to my wish list for one day.

Run Fatboy run was great!

Norman said...

Congratulations On your finish. It was nice meeting you a the packet pick up and pasta dinner. Keep up the good work.

K said...

Great job, Misty! I love the 50K as well. Looking forward to running with you some time!