Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Sorry I have been MIA over the holidays. Let's see where to start. My holidays started on Dec. 19th, I went out and spent sometime with my bff and the kiddos, Caleb, Ciara and Catia. They moved to a new house so Caleb (2-1/2) gave me the grand tour and told me all about his new house and how they threw the old one away. I love how kids view things. Saturday morning was the WF/KF 12/21 miler in the Woodlands, I worked with Bill, Debbie, Robin and George at the aid station at mile 11 for the marathoners. Afterward we headed to Barryhill for yummy tacos. Saturday night out for dinner with the family, my brother and sister in law came in for the holidays. Sunday morning meet up at Starbucks for an 6-8 mile run with Robin, but Russell twisted out arms and we pounded out 12 instead. Somehow I am loosing what I did Monday, so I guess nothing important happened that day. Tuesday a bit of last minute Christmas shopping with my hubby- I had to show him what I wanted for Christmas. Tuesday night went up to the track for 30 min easy run, changed in the parking lot (yes I said that) and then cruised up to Goose's Acre with my runner brother's and sista's. Robin brought up her desire to do a 50 miler in Huntsville State Park in Feb. so I may have that on the calendar, we'll see after my coach tells me if I can do it or not!?! Wednesday more last minute Christmas shopping w/the hubby.. (uhg why do men wait until the last minute) Christmas Eve night went to mom's for dinner. Christmas morning breakfast and open presents with hubby. Score'd this year, but that's what happens when you pick out most of your gifts. Lunch with father in law in the evening & back to mom's to visit with my bro. Friday Dec.26th lunch at dad's and visit with my 93 yr old grandmother, cousin's and aunt and uncle. Saturday, mom got married, I got up early 8am and went to help with all the details and decorating ect. all day event got home at 1am. Sunday hubby's b-day, birthday breakfast, birthday shopping, football watching, beer drinking and b-day dinner with father in-law. Love the holidays but I am so glad they are over, now I can rest and get back to running. Sorry I have been MIA to all that were worried about me. See you on the roads soon.

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