Friday, October 10, 2008

Huntsville here I come

Tomorrow I will run the Huntsville half, I am a little nervous about the hills but I am looking forward to this race. I have not run a race other than a couple 5 K's since March when I ran Little Rock half marathon. I do not have any great expectations on this race since I decided to do it the day (last Thursday) I found out that 10 for Texas had been postponed due to debris still in the road- compliments of IKE!! (Speaking of more disappointment.. this race was re-scheduled for November 15th when at least 200+ WF's and WRC members will all be in San Antonio for the 1st Inaugural Rock-n-Roll Marathon and Half marathon). I would like to finish Huntsville half in under 2:30 but if I don't there will be no harm no foul. I will have a race report Monday.
Tuesday at track was an easy work out since I decided to race on Saturday.. 4 x 60 x 60's. All that were not racing had to do 8 of them . Thank god for my upcoming race because although I went to track I just was not feeling it.
Last night I ran with the "runner girls" we did an easy 3.5. Mosquito's are still a B*tch.. I am all ate up, WTF I though when the weather cooled and the humidity went away so did the mosquito's.
See you on the roads!


Running Knitter said...

Good luck on your half!

Viv said...

Misty Best of luck this weekend! You can do it, your 2:30!

I will keep your friend in my prayers. Cancer does suck it has taken to many of those we love away.

miss ya girl feels like i have not seen you in ages! said...

My PR is 2:09:58. My times in Huntsville? 2:23:25, 2:20:50, 2:29:33 and 2:29:17. I'm glad that I'm not running it this year! :)

Thought I'd give you something to shoot for. :)

K said...

Way to go today, Misty!!! Great to see you out there!

Adrienne said...

Hope you enjoyed Huntsville! It was nice to meet you on Sat.!