Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Count down to another 70.3

In just over 5 weeks I will be participating in another 70.3 only this time it will be an Mdot race. Not to say anything bad about a 70.3 race that is not sponsored by Mdot it is still the same distance. The big difference is the support provided on and off the coarse and all the swag you get to buy. And yes I like to brag so I will be showing off all kinds of Mdot 70.3 stuff. this time around the training seems different, yes there is allot of of it but I seem to be less worried about getting it all in. A few weeks went by where I missed several long bike rides out on the roads and opted to do them on a spin bike. I am now back out on the road and getting in the much needed long rides again and I am loving it. Long runs are going great, but that is the easiest thing for me is the run part- not that it is fast or anything. And swims- I still hate to swim, I still suck at swimming. I just do not click when it comes for feel of the water, so I will just fake it on race day and get myself through the swim and enjoy the rest.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

You are my swim twin!! Good luck with your training for the 70.3. My next race is a 70.3 in 2.5 weeks but not an M-dot. I won't get my hopes up but since it isn't an A race, no biggie.

Richard said...

5 weeks away! Wow, I really had not been paying attention to the time, that means my Olympic in Kemah is just 4 weeks away.

I know just how you feel about swimming, I was in my third training season before I really began to get the feel for swimming.

You have put in a bunch of training time and effort to prepare already, you will do great and probably beat any time I have in the 70.3 distance.

Diana said...

How exciting! Mdot! I'd so get a tattoo after that one!
Best of luck with the training and on race day!

Jenny said...

FYI, your swim doesn't suck!!!

Lillian said...

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