Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend in Review

Friday night we headed to a friends at the board walk for beers and a free Dave concert. We did not have to fight the crowds or pay sh*t load of $$ for beers(super cool), we could not see Dave but we could hear him loud and clear. Hella good night with an old friend. Saturday morning bootcamp an hour of getting my azz kicked. Later in the am I went to a baby shower and Saturday evening dinner with the hubby. Sunday 5.6 miles with Russell, this was my first run since OKC last weekend and I felt a little tired and my azz checks were sore for bootcamp. Sunday lunch crawfish and beer then at 5pm got my rub down from my chicka at Massage Envy. Thanks Cruz for workin out the kinkz, I am mo betta today. Great weekend, ready for a great work week.

Hope to see you on the roads.

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Viv said...

Great weekend that was girlie, and most of all you are fo sho recovered from OKC!