Thursday, April 30, 2009

Canceled Again

I always love my post marathon massage, it is all I think of while I am running. On Sunday I was dreaming on coming home and having my sore muscles worked on for an hour, unfortunately it did not happen, on Monday I got a call that my girl was sick. It is partly my fault that I am picky but I have two chickas at MEMS that I just lurve. I have tried others and that just don't get the kinks out like M and C do. So of coarse I rescheduled for today at 6pm. At 2:15 I get the dreaded call that again I have to reschedule. The next appointment that seems to fit both my schedule and C is not until Sunday. M I hope you feel better and C please don't get sick on me.

Drinks tonight with Robin, Russell, Najat and Kathleen.. yum yum

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Adrienne said...

Omg...I totally know how that goes. My girl has been in NY for the past 2 weeks, and she won't be back until next Mon! Argh!