Tuesday, April 21, 2009

6 days

Well it is getting closer and closer, just 6 days until OKC. I have gone back and forward with nervousness, I get nervous then I have a great run and then I get un-nervous again. Sunday's run was a little less to be desired, it was very humid and it left me feeling a little yuck when I got home. After a cool shower I got in bed and stayed there for about 5 hours, sleeping off and on. I knew I had to get out of bed so I went and ran a couple of errands and then came home ate a light dinner and climbed back in bed. Yesterday I got up and went to boot camp, a couple of times I felt a little light headed, but felt pretty good afterwards. Then at work I started feeling sick to my stomach and went home and got in bed before lunch time. After staying in bed all day I am feeling much better today and hope to get a couple of miles in tonight. I am thinking that humidity really got to me on Sunday and Bootcamp Monday did not help. So again I am back to nervousness for OKC since it seems we are going to start with about 60 degrees and the high for the day is 78, not desirable running weather. Also there is the big chance for strong winds, again not ideal marathon weather for me, unless it will magically be all to my back and push me through the coarse. I will keep checking the weather and hoping for an arctic blast to come from our friends in Canada. Hope to see you on the roads soon!

Congrats to all runners that ran the 113th Boston Marathon yesterday! You all rock!

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Adrienne said...

Good luck! Just focus on the positive and having fun!