Friday, April 17, 2009

Hanging with the girls

Since my hours have been reduced I got out of work early yesterday and went with Lizette to take care of Pam's kiddos. Pamela had a consult with her oncologist yesterday so we took the kids to the park. Later in the day I stopped to pick up her husband at the airport and then dropped them at the house. Unfortunately I got to the woods to late and missed my run- guess I will take care of it this afternoon.


SuperDave said...

Hi There Misty! Looks like you must be preparing for a marathon. "THE BIG ONE!" by the length of your long runs.
It seems that we run much the same pace.
You've got a few half marathons up on me.
Keep up the great running!
Your not one of those Texas "hook em " people are you? jk.

Mistyfied said...

Hi Dave yes I am training for OKC this Sunday. And no I am an Aggie fan.