Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Track with Dan Green

Last night was my first time out to the Woodlands High School track. Since joining TWRC I have been contemplating if I should attempt to go to Coach Green's workout. So when I got an email forwarded from Joanne that their track workout was moved to Tuesday, I was moved to give it a try. I warmed up for about 3/4 of a mile at about 10:00 pace, then we got in our groups "really really fast", "really fast", and then "us". So the workout was 3 or 4 1600's w/3 min intervals. 1st 8:37, 2nd 8:26 and the 3rd 8:42 I chose to stop there because I was so tired. 3/4 cool down. It was a great workout and Coach Green was very encouraging made it fun.

Total mileage 4.75 miles.


Bill D said...

Dan is the best.

SuperDave said...

That's a great run - your a quite the speedster, even if you didn't know it!