Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Running Buddies Rock

Yesterday before I left for the track I got horrible news about Pamela's cancer. Her petscan did not go as we wished. At her 3 month mark she was told to be in remission after 3 more months of chemo and being sick 24/7 her cancer is back. Her doctor has asked her to gather her family for a consult to discuss what is next. I cried all the way to track, and this is where I get to running buddies rock, I get out of the car and I see my surf sistah and I felt so much better because I knew I was going to have some positive conversation for the next 30+ mins. Viv and I walked /ran around the track (she is getting her legs back after 70.3 WHOP! WHOP!) and chatted about her race and our family and other stuff. I saw Kathleen and Russell and we chatted about OKC this weekend (very excited). So thank you to my friends who got me through track without a tear. Taper mode rocks.. 2.25 miles.

Please say a prayer for Pamela and her family.

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Viv said...

It was nice to run with you a bit that day. I am so sorry your friend Pamela is not doing so well. I had prayed for her and will continue to do so. I can only imagine the difficult battle she is continously fighting.