Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting ready for OKC

I decided about a month ago I would go ahead a run Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. So these last few weeks I have been trying to get my miles in so I am ready.

Last Sunday I ran Angie's Half Crazy Half in Clear Lake. It was a nice small race with a great cause. Russell, Najat, Robin, Kathleen, Molly and I met at 4:45am for the drive over. We were there plenty early as you never know how bad traffic will be, we had plenty of time for the extra bathroom break and to meet up with Judi and Donna. The race was set to start at 7am but they had 200 race morning entry's so the race was slightly delayed. We ran into Jon Walk at the start line and I had a new goal which I let him know it was to beat him that day. (Which I did) The coarse was nice and scenic, volunteers were great, cold sponges every other mile were the bomb (even though I made fun at first). It was a cool morning, around 40 at the start and probably about 50 when I finished. My plan for the run was to have fun and to come in somewhere between 2:19 and 2:30. Russell, Kathleen and I stayed together for a good while until we discussed that is was possible to finish in 2:15 at that point Russell took off and left us between mile 9 and 10. Kathleen and I finished strong at 2:13:00. It was amazing to get another PR. Russell finished in 2:10. The other's were not far behind. All of TWRC represented well.

Monday- Rest
Tuesday-3.35 miles
Wednesday- 3.75 miles
Thursday- 5.2 miles

Friday-16.3 miles, I was a little worried about this run- sinceI knew it would be by myself, it was by far the furthest I have run completely by myself. I thought of a hundred excusses, but I fought through all of them I got it done. It is truely amazing what you can accomplish when you put your heart into it.

Saturday went to Victoria for a baby shower. No running
Sunday- rest

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Adrienne said...

I saw Russell at Muddy Trails and he was talking about running OKC. (his excuse for not participating in the run!:)

Best of luck!!