Thursday, April 16, 2009

Headache.. 3.25 miles.. Watching Bill Crews Run..

Nothing to exciting to report about yesterday's run. I had a horrible headache and almost did not get dressed and go to the track, but I did. I met Russell (aka Mac) and Kathleen for 3.25 easy miles. Oh the one exciting thing about my track workout was watching Bill Crews run, truly amazing.


Bill D said...

It was a just a short race week set up "workout" of 4 x 400 with a full 3 minute recovery between each.... but still...he was clicking them off in 1:14 each...and doing them easily...that's a 4:56/mi pace.

SuperDave said...

Those days that we don't feel like getting out there, but do anyway are inspiring. I feel more accomplished on those kinda days.