Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally the last week

Something I have not blogged about lately is my friend Pamela. This is her last week for chemo, in fact tomorrow is her last day. Next week she will be going through re-staging and then we will see what comes next. It has been a very tough road for her, she has been going through chemo for the past 6 months every other week, 3 times a week. All of this with twin girls that will be a year next month and a 3 year old. After her third month she was showing signs of remission and for precaution they chose to extend her chemo through this week. Her next hurdle is surgery, after her re-staging they will determine when and where her surgery will be preformed. I am so happy for her that she will finally get a break and will feel like a human again. Because of the type of surgery and the medications she has been on for the past 6 months she will get to have at least a month of being herself before her surgery. She has been down a very long road and she has a very long road a head of her, she over come so many obstacles and I know that God is taking care of her. She is my inspiration to love life everyday and live it to the fullest!

Monday night 4 miles in my hood.

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