Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

My Easter weekend started with a few drinks with the "runner girls at Crescent Moon Wine Bar. It was a nice evening of laughs and wine (beer for me). Friday morning I got up early and headed to Pam's for another day of girls. Lizette, Pam and I got to catch up on old times and played with the girls and Caleb. Saturday morning was my last loonngggg run before OKC, I met up with Russell and Kathleen for an 18 miler that turned into a 19 miler. It was nice and cool run that ended in a sprint back to Starbucks for a Grande non-fat Cafe Mocha no whip. Glad to be done with that one! Saturday afternoon I had big plans for a long nap that got nixed by a visit from a friend we had not seen in a while a very energetic 2 yr old named Scarlett. We sat out on the back decked and watched many golfers go by and had lots of laughs when Scarlet somehow associated "oh shit" when the golfers would tee off. We explained to her that was the incorrect thing to say and that we should say "good shot" instead. Later on the evening my hubby took me to see "Fast and Furious" pretty good show considering almost 2 hours of staring at my man Vin. In bed and asleep by 8:30. Sunday we spent Easter lunch with my mom, step dad and all of his family, lots of great BBQ and Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. Great weekend!

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