Thursday, May 21, 2009

I did it!

I made it through spin yesterday after doing bootcamp in the am. I was dead tired when I got home, we made pork chops, salad, and spinach w/mushrooms for dinner as soon as I ate I hit the shower and to beddy by I went. I am contemplating my workout today, to skip it and make up tomorrow or to get it over with and rest tomorrow. This afternoon I am headed to Pamela's to spend then night with her and the kiddos. Saturday is the twins first b-day party so we will be making puff balls and other decorations for the party late in the night and all day tomorrow. I am hoping to try and fit my run in today before, but time wise is not looking good.

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Viv said...

Hope you have a nice time with Pamela and the kiddos chica!