Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here and There

I have been busy not blogging the past two weeks. I usually would work on my blog early morning at work or during lunch and can no longer do that. So now I finally have time to sit at the computer for a few minutes and blog again. Sad thing is I can hardly remember yesterday much less the past two weeks. I went down and was a cheerleader for many friends a couple weeks ago at the Houston Marathon/Half Marathon. It was a nice to see lots of friends from TWRC, 7 Hills Running Club and WF. Lots of PR's were set that day, congratulations to all that ran. I ran a few miles here and there, but it really never seems to be enough. Last weekend my husband and I flew to Florida for his grandmother's 80th b-day bash. I ran 5 miles while I was there between family things and only being there for about 40 hrs tops. The weather was a cool 50 at night and about 75 during the day. Monday night I was exhausted so I came home from work and went to bed about 7:30. Tuesday night I ran a quick 3 miles in 27 mins (that's really good for me). Tonight a massage and a track workout. Friday me and Viv will get on a plane and fly to LA to meet Karen for a half marathon in Huntington Beach and Superbowl parting. I am really hoping to shave 10-15 mins off my (2) 2:30:somethings and 2:33:24 from 2008.

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Viv said...

YAA Misty good luck this weeke....oh wait can i just tell you that sun morning??