Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I came home with a PR

I arrived at LAX with Viv on Friday at about 1:30 with the paparazzi waiting to take our picture, just kidding. Pokey was picking us up after her flight landed in Long Beach. We got outside and since none of us had never picked up passengers at LAX we did not realize that she was in the buses only lane. After being yelled at by the biatch security guard that we could not put our bags in the car from that lane we did anyway as the mad security guard told us were coming and she wrote down the rental plates. Oooops in LA for less than 5 minutes and we are already breaking the law.

We drove to Huntington Beach and checked into our hotel, which happened to be the host hotel directly across the street from the expo and the start/finish line. After getting checked in we walked down to the expo to pick up our race packets. This was a small expo and very laid back, I want to switch my wave to a faster one and was told that I could line up wherever I wanted to on race day. When we picked up our tech shirts they said which size would you like? Not let me see your bib. After goofing around at the expo and meeting up with a couple of Viv's friends we decided to get a drink. After the drink we were tired and headed back to the room and went to bed early.

Saturday morning we went to breakfast (with our waitress who obviously never eats more than one meal day insulted each of once)in Newport and then took the PCH to Laguna where we meet up with my brother. I had a great day with my brother and sister in law we had late lunch and a few beers (yes ladies I ate again), around 6:00 I met back up with the girls and we headed to Sharkies to watch the UFC fight, I had told myself not to drink more than a couple beers since I had not tried this the night before a race. Well being on vacation got the best of me and about 4 beers more than I told myself I could have we finally were leaving and headed back to the hotel after midnight for much needed rest.

Sunday morning I woke up at 4am not feeling so hot and very worried and mad at myself that I probably kissed the hopes for a PR down the toilet. My stomach was crampy and ichy feeling. As I looked at the start line at the sectioned off waves I debated in my head do I line up with the 2:30 which was my last PR or do I take the chance and line up with 2:15. I finally decided what was there to loose and lined up with the 2:15ers. I started thinking about my conversation with Bill how he had told me the magic number in his head for this race was 2:19. Finally about 10 mins after the first wave started I was off and running. The first 3 miles were great, at mile 4 I got a horrible side cramp and had to stop to stretch for a minute. I kept running and feeling great until mile 9 then my legs started to cramp plus my thighs were starting to chafe and I had to walk so I made a deal with myself that I could only walk one minute per mile, and had to make up for it in my run. The cramping started to go away and when I realized that I ran 11 miles in under 2 hours that I would defiantly PR, by how much was the question. It was getting hot and sorry to say but the beer from the night before was really making my stomach quezzy, not to mention the guy that was running by me kept burping. I was really starting to regret my drinking the night before my race and again I thought of my talk with Bill and it was something like even if you have the worst case scenario you will finish- I knew I was going to finish for sure and I knew I could still PR if I sucked it up so I decided to go for it and run hard and strong and deal with the bed I had made for myself. I was so happy when I saw mile marker 13 I started to sprint, then I saw Pokey and Viv I ran harder until I crossed the finish line at 2:19:17. After the run we went to In and Out Burger yum yum. I had a cheese burger with fries and a Dr. Pepper and never felt better. Later that day we dropped Pokey off at the airport and drove to Laguna watched the supper bowl ate dinner and were asleep at 8:30.

It was a great trip with friends and many memories. All in all the pain I felt from the drinking the night before was worth my finish and not so bad, but I have learned. Will I drink the night before a race again? Maybe not so much next time.

Monday I was anxious about getting on the plane and coming to my hubby how I missed dearly. He was so proud of me that I got PR flowers. Awh!

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Adrienne said...

Congrats girl!! What a cool place to PR too!