Monday, February 9, 2009

RR 50 miler

Friday we got to Huntsville about 3:30 while the hubby's set up camp Najat, Robin and I went to packet pick up, trail briefing and pasta dinner. Afterwards we sat around the fire chit chat, I had a couple of beers and the girl's had some wine and off to bed around 10:30ish. Up at 5:15 am on Saturday, dressed, ate a little and got a coffee and did the last check on my drop bag. In the drop bag was 2 extra shirts just in case, extra pair of socks which came in handy, GU, Tums, Aleve, IB, visor, head lamp and other things I am sure I am forgetting to mention. We headed to the start line at about 6:30 to check in and drop off our drop bags. At 7:00am we were running. The first loop (16.7miles) was great, I believe we were in at 4:21. Bathroom break, I shed my top layer, ate some chips and sandwich, filled my water bottle, put Vaseline on my feet and then got pushed out of the aid station without Robin and Najat (back out for loop number two). At the first aid station of 2nd loop (Mile 20) I saw Jon Walk and Russell Mc Coy and let me tell you I was over joyed to see my running club buddies out there. Made it through the the next 8 miles and then I came up on Lauren Birt, Kyle and family I stopped to put more Vaseline on my feet and they came over and kept me company. At this point miles seem to mix together along with your mind so I know we had conversation just not real sure what is was about. After I left out of that aid station I had 4.7 miles to the turn around. This second lap I finished in 4:34 (33.4 miles) this time in I tried not to stay so long, changed socks took more Tums(which I took alot of), water bottle filled, more chips and a sandwich and Vaseline on my feet, on my way again in about 4 mins. Starting the last loop I was feeling pretty good considering I had run just over 33 miles. I saw Robin about 2 miles in to the loop and she was sitting on a bench holding her knee, I asked if she was ok and she said yes, so I went back out. When I got to aid station number 3 at about mile 40 my left foot was in alot of pain, I could tell I had a huge blister on the ball of my foot. I asked one on the guys if he could look at my feet and he did, not only did he look at them he cleaned them and patched me up with duct tape so the blister would not get any worse. After this I got some hot Ramen noodles and took off to get as far as I could before it was dark. By the time I made it to the next aid station 2.7 miles later it was dark. At this point the race got very difficult, I was not comfortable with being in the woods with a crappy head lamp and the critters. I tried to keep up with Karen and Pete who I would run into time to time on the trails, but they were to fast for me. Karen gave me her flashlight so I could see better, which was so nice of her cause it really helped. Coming out of the last aid station with 4.7 miles left to go I started talking to a girl I had seen off and on (Janeen). She was doing her first 50 miler, while her brother was doing 100, she was worried about him because he was in pain and had talked about a DNF. She told me about her 10 month old nephew that was there that she got to see every time she went in. Anyway with my foot pain that I was told I could not complain about I tried to keep Janeen in my sight at all times, not sure if she knew it but she was keeping me going. I saw Bill, George, Debbie and Russell at mile 47. Bill gave me a hug and all gave me more encouragement. Finally at 9:05, 14 hours and 5 mins after I started I crossed the finish line with my friends and my hubby waiting for me. An amazing experience. Sleeping Saturday night was awful, I had cold sweats, I could not move my legs without picking them up. Before I went to bed I was dizzy (I even took a rest in the dirt behind my cabin) and felt very faint almost got sick but did not. On Sunday it was very difficult to walk, but all complaining aside this was one of the best experiences I have had in the past 2 years of running. My body is trying to recover at this point but I am on the right road.

5 things I learn on Saturday

1. Tums no longer make me gag.
2. I can run for a long time w/o going to the bathroom.
3. After about 40 miles everything I look at will ripple and moved funny.
4. Strangers will clean your dirty blistered feet and smile while doing it.
5. I lost weight after eating a sandwich, chips and candy and drinking coke every 3.5 miles.

Oh and I lied when I said I will never do this again. I need some time to heal but I will defiantly do another 50 miler some day soon.


K said...

Glad to hear you'll do it again! It was a lot of fun!!

Great to see you out there Misty! You did a wonderful job and I'm glad Janeen kept us on the right path!! LOL

Adrienne said...

You looked great out there! Congrats on such an awesome accomplishment!

Now for everything looking rippled after 40 mi...?