Sunday, February 15, 2009


Recovery sucks, every day after last weekend I have wanted to get out and run somewhere. I just wanted to put my shoes on and hit the road, but I knew my body could not physically do it. I walked as much as possible for the last week but it was not enough. This morning I woke up at 6am and went to meet TWRC group at Starbuck's for a few miles. I decided to run 2.5 and take it easy, well I did not have a choice because about half a mile into my run my legs started to tighten up and I had to walk. In fact for the 2.5 mile run I had planned I ended up walking at least half of it. So recovery sucks when your mind needs the rush and the high you get from running but your body says no. I guess I will keep reminding myself that I did run 50 miles a week ago and to get over it. Here's to a few more miles this week, I hope.


Viv said...

Misty congrats again on such a huge accomplishment. Be patient with your legs and body they have taken you very far and been very genrous with you. Take that TLC for that bod and legs they love you very much to carry you 50 miles, surf sistah!

Yasmin said...

I dislike recovery or anything that tells me that I can't run.

But you did run 63.1 miles in a little over a week.

Just sayin'!

Give back to your body and you'll be blasting past me in March.