Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Track was awesome last night 6 x 400 at comfortably hard pace w/200 recovery. First a 1 mile warm up. 1st 400 1:57, 2nd 1:59, 3rd 2:00, 4th 2:01, 5th 2:03 6th 2:00. Fast Robin, Jimmy(winter group) and myself paced each other. Great pace felt great when we were done. I was so happy I was not having to do the Strive work out, it was 4 miles and LT. Yuck!! Kim's athletes amaze me, with how hard they work and how fast they are. They were lapping me in my 400's and they kept a very fast pace the whole work out. I like to call them "machines". Mosquito's were out again last night attacking all of our group. I brought my bug spray to share with all, but after you start to sweat it does not seem to work.

After track I raced home to see what was going on in the election. At first I had high hopes that John McCain could pull it off, but it quickly became a slaughter and before I went to bed it was clear that Obama would be our 44th President. A very historic moment.

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Viv said...

Great track last night!!

I know those Kim's athletes are machines. I do not even come close to considering myself a "Kim Athelte" Just Viv who follows their training schedule..LOL!